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Sunday Feb. 2nd GA

Announcements Two Candle-light vigils for XL pipeline (see below) “The Refusenik and the Soldier” Thursday, February 6 at 7pm, UNM Ballroom Organized by UNM Students for Justice in Palestine Report Backs Medicine for the People: Discussing workshop possibilities, facilitators to confirm next meeting; to implement working shifts; Confirmed April 5th, Endorphin Power Co. Park SW […]

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Sunday Jan. 25th GA

Announcements March for the Environment, May 12th; Ilse to provide additional info Gallup gathering against uranium mining happened this weekend, Amalia to find out more info about group “Uprising” Opportunity to support the Center for P&J’s legislative campaing; contact Ilse Mountainair CO2 pipeline public hearing 1/29 to oppose pipeline extension (used for fracking) March 13 […]

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Sunday Oct. 27th GA


At today’s GA we worked on banners, signs, and slogans for next Sunday’s Marigold Parade. We’ll be strolling with La Raza Unida Party. The second banner, not pictured, has “We Are All People of the Earth/Not Nations or Corporations.” At the parade we will also be handing out educational mock money, and maybe passports. More […]

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Solidarity with Burque Transit Workers!

Fellow Activists, A bus driver for ABQ Ride, attended our GA today to ask for our help in the fight for better wages and improved safety for bus drivers. Last week he organized a picket at the Alvarado Transportation Center (downtown 1st & Gold) and about 35 bus drivers were out there all day. They […]

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Sunday Apr. 29th GA

Today at our GA we made some great signs for the May Day “Dying for a Living Wage” rally with members of La Raza Unida party. Hope to see you there Wednesday May 1st at 5pm at Central & San Pedro. We also debriefed the success of our 2nd “Medicine for the People” event, and […]

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GA notes Sun April 14th, 2013

LANL trials: Janet went back to court last week after she refused to pay the fine and Amalia accompanied her. The judge fined her another $50. Summer will be in court tomorrow (Mon April 15) and Amalia plans to accompany him. May Day planning: We had a good discussion on where we are at with the […]

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Sunday Mar. 31st GA

Note: We met at Yale Park but were disrupted by Loren. He sort of apologized while saying he wasn’t sorry and that he didn’t realize whose car he had smashed. He asked to be forgiven. Sayrah responded by saying she would always acknowledge him if she saw him, but that he was not welcome to […]

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Sunday Mar. 3rd GA

Announcements Occupy the FEC and Occupy Wall St. folks this week have sued every federal regulator on Wall St. Stop Violence Against Women March and rally 2PM Sat. March 9th at the UNM Bookstore. Called by a group of women under A.N.S.W.E.R. who wish to continue organizing with other like minded women beyond this called […]

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Sunday Feb. 24th GA

Seven present. Announcements Henry who works with Citizen Action had announcements on calls to state legislators and a demonstration on 2/27 about the mixed waste landfill and the unsafe nuclear waste stored there. These announcements were sent out to the listserv earlier this week. The Larry Casuse Memorial will be held in the UNM SUB […]

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Sunday Feb. 10th GA

10 present Announcements Medicine for the People The health fair is scheduled for Saturday April 27th from 9am-6pm at the Endorphin Power Company. Positive that they invited them back for a second year. The gym will be open, and trainers will be present to help out. Music as Healing session. They are looking for Vietnamese […]

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