Sunday Mar. 3rd GA



P&J gathering on Friday: A P&J board member resigned because he felt the P&J was not properly “neutral” on issue of Israeli apartheid and genocide. Thus, discussion. Majority of the room were in solidarity with human rights/standing by oppressed people…discussion was in the form of talking circle. There was a guiding principle decided in the past regarding Israeli/Palestinian conflict but no one could locate that agreement, so at the end of this meeting the governing council would take the statements made as a guide and issue a statement on how the P&J would proceed. (un)Occupy had 3 people attend this meeting.
Dylan Rodriguez spoke at UNM regarding prison abolition. His organization is called Critical Resistance. He is a professor at UC Riverside.
Black Mesa: dates set for June 6-9th plus 2 days before or after for homestays. Another conference call is being scheduled.

Action Brainstorming

Drones: Anti Drone Action – Controlled from Kirtland, Holloman (Alamogordo) Cannon (Clovis) among others. Action Ideas: Billboard plastering/pasting (Dronestagram IRL), sound installation, life size outlines of drones.

Sandia Labs Landfill: Water quality & radioactive dumping. Citizen Action organized a protest last week.

Medicine for the People By the People: April 27th

  • Need food coordinator to handle logistics of food donations and storage the week before the event. We already have someone to lead food prep the day of.
  • Refrigerator/freezer space needed for the week before (Sayrah offered)
  • Discussion about who we know and we could ask. Molly does P&J Cafe on Thursdays, Amalia will ask.

May Day: May 1st

  • Looking for muscians/DJ’s that would share music with message of resistance, working class solidarity.
  • Looking for a place to end the march, ideally somewhere in the SE Heights.


W.O.R.D. (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) is a new group of women afflilated w/ANSWER who will continue to organize beyond the action this weekend. They are asking for input and endorsement from (un)Occupy. We condensed to endorse the event, and discussed the importance of turning the discourse to be more about women’s resistance and not a passive stance regarding rape being inevitable or a woman’s problem; putting the responsibility on men to stop rape.

W.O.R.D. is asking for sign slogans and they are inviting folks to their office this Friday 3/8 @ 7PM (305 Washington SE) to make signs.

Some slogans were: Listen to Women/A Woman’s Place is in the Revolution/Men Can Stop Rape

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