Consensus — The decision making process used by our GA to reach general agreement. The process usually includes a proposal, discussion of as many viewpoints as possible, possibly amendments to the proposal, and final consensus (agreement or rejection) of the proposal. The process may, at times, require more than one GA session (especially if discussion is desired by movement participants not at a particular GA meeting). See ??? for a detailed explanation of the process.

General Assembly (GA) — A meeting where movement announcements are made, working groups present reports, agenda items are addressed, proposals are presented, discussed, and possibly consensed on, and other movement business may be addressed. A general assembly may be formed in any area in the world (many times for a city or town).

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) — The movement (which began in the United States in September 2011) bringing attention to corporate greed, attempting to get money out of politics, remove corruption from government, and include all voters in the decision making processes of all jurisdictional areas through cooperative solutions (as a community). This movement is worldwide in scope.

(un)Occupy Albuquerque — The OWS solidarity movement in Albuquerque, NM that began October 1, 2011.

Working Group (WG) — A dedicated group which works outside of the GA on particular issues or events and reports back to the GA for major decisions. Details which are beyond the scope of the GA are often finalized in working groups by people who want to be involved in the discussion. All groups are open to anyone interested in supporting.