Los Alamos National Call To Action: August 6th

Archived from 2012

(un)Occupy Albuquerque and our allies are organizing a day of direct action on Hiroshima Day, August 6th, in Los Alamos; in solidarity with the three-day event planned by the Occupy SF: Nuke Free Now Coalition.

Getting Involved & Training

Stop by our table today at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos to learn more about the action and make a sign for Monday!

If you’re interested in doing civil disobedience, being front-line support for people doing CD, or serving as a legal observer, you must attend today’s training.

If you can, meet at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos at 10:30am; training will run until around 4pm. But if you’re unable to make it to LA that early, you can still join the training session at 1:00pm at Ashley Pond.

If you’re not interested in those roles, there’s plenty of room for you
too; just show up!


Trinity Nuclear Abolition will be holding a vigil by the main gate at 7am.
But, if you aren’t able to make it that early, meet at 10:30am at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos for the second action, along with the anti-nuclear hunger-strikers. More as plans develop.

Curious about transport or lodging? Just drop us a line right here.

..and feel free to pick up propaganda for the event too.