Sunday Jan. 25th GA


  • March for the Environment, May 12th; Ilse to provide additional info
  • Gallup gathering against uranium mining happened this weekend, Amalia to
    find out more info about group “Uprising”
  • Opportunity to support the Center for P&J’s legislative campaing; contact
  • Mountainair CO2 pipeline public hearing 1/29 to oppose pipeline extension
    (used for fracking)
  • March 13 “Doctrine of Discovery” anti-oppression training @ Quaker
    meeting; more info TBA

MLK March Recap

Great turnout but very heavy police presence. (un)Occupy members gathered to listen to MLK’s “Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam” (Beyond Vietnam) speech before the march and would like to make this into some type of event next year, a week or few days before MLK day. We also mic-checked radical statements by him during the march.

Healthcare for the People

Endorphin Power Co. with a tentative date of April 5th. Planning meeting Monday, January 26th at 3pm contact Tina for more info.


~$200 in bail fund. [Update: actually $248] Some funds to be allocated to ordering new buttons. We want to make a new design for this year. Sean to talk to Desi about $400 from Farmington group.

Keystone XL Pipeline

National protest planned in response State Department statement which is
still forthcoming; Corey to find more information from the event
coordinator about direct action participation

Military Expansion in Bear Mountains

The Air Force is attempting to expand its already ridiculous use of land in
Cibola National Forest near Magdalena for training; public comment to
Forest Service open until Feb. 5; letter writing at Center for P&J at 12 on
Sunday, Feb 2nd; for more info check out this video: and this blog:

Center for the Study of White American Culture

On their website this group had listed our FAQs under the title of “Resources produced by
white allies in local occupations.” This is obviously incorrect so Tina
contacted them and requested it be changed; anyone interested in drafting a
response to this organization should meet at 12 at the P&J next week to
discuss. We will also circulate the draft for input.

Los Jardines

Ruben, Amalia, Maria, and Danya will meet with representatives from Los
Jardines Institute to discuss future collaborations 1/26.

In other news…check these out!

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