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Use Your Cranium, No Uranium! – Strong Demonstration at Forest Svc.

More than forty activists held signs, chanted, and shared information outside the US Forest Service office in ABQ today, voicing opposition to the proposed Canadian & Japanese Uranium mine near Mt. Taylor, east of Grants NM. Members from MASE, Native American Voter Alliance, Grants NM Idle No More, Laguna Pueblo, Free Leonard Peltier Campaign, Students […]

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LANL 6 Trial: Brief Report-back

The trial began a bit after 9am, with about 75 people in attendance. Aside from the attendant press (which is immune from having opinions) all the audience was supportive. Since the courtroom audience is capped at 53 people, people rotated in and out so all who wanted to watch were able. After the prosecution’s witness […]

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LANL 6 Activists Face Trial Over Hiroshima Day Civil Disobedience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9th 2013 – 9:00 AM Los Alamos Municipal Courthouse 2500 Trinity Dr. Los Alamos, NM Six activists will stand trial on January 9th at 9 AM in the Los Alamos Municipal Court. They face three changes each as part of their rush-hour blockade of LANL’s entrance on the morning of August […]

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LANL 6 Trial: Jan. 9th in Los Alamos

From Nuke Free Now in Santa Fe: On August 6th 2012, the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, six courageous and dedicated activists were arrested as part of the protests outside Los Alamos National Laboratory. As a result of their entirely peaceful protest, Dr. Catherine Euler, Pamela Gilchrist, Cathie Sullivan, Barbara Grothus, Janet Greenwald, […]

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Walmart Black Friday Strike: Stand up, Live better.

Poster: Melanie Cervantes On Black Friday there were over 1,000 protests across the US, and hundreds of employees walking-out, all in support of Walmart workers striking for fair wages and good working conditions. has a good overview of the struggle, with follow-up. OUR Walmart‘s site is also a good resource. There’s a photo essay […]

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Banner Drop at UNM Pres. Frank’s Inauguration

We will fight for free education for all. Will you? It was hung five stories up a bit after 3pm, asking a simple question as people began exiting the coronation at Popejoy Hall. It was up for over an hour before we took it home to await more excitement. (Also, we didn’t want to make […]

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How does it suck? Keystone XL & the Tar Sands

Fort McMurray, Alberta / Kris Krüg / CC-NC-SA PDF Flyer version here. The Keystone XL pipeline is TransCanada Corp.’s expansion to the Keystone 1, to bring Alberta Tar Sands crude to the Texas coast for export. Tar sands oil is filthy, using 2 tons of tar sand and 2-5 barrels of water for a single […]

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Celebrate a year of resistance!

Saturday September 29th Action: Say No to War & Corporate Greed! Noon – Central at Tulane #### **Anniversary Assemblage: A Year of Resistance!** 4:30pm – 9pm? – [Yale Park (Central at Yale)]( [Facebook event page]( **How to help:** * Contact us at , or check the [planning doc]( * Spread the word. [These flyers might […]

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September 6th GA

12 people attended. The GA started in Yale Park and then moved to the UNM SUB so that people could participate in an action in support of Bradley Manning during the showing of the DNC convention speeches. Announcements: Sat Sept 8th, 2pm Demetria Martinez will read from her book at the National Hispanic Cultural Center: […]

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Stop Foreclosure Barbecue & Camp Out

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug. 10 – Members of (un)Occupy Albuquerque will be joining Pamela Lipper at her house this Saturday, Aug. 11, for a barbecue and campout to resist an impending property seizure. Ms. Lipper’s house is located at 600 Veranda NW, which is one block North of Candelaria and two blocks West of 4th […]

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