Celebrate a year of resistance!

Saturday September 29th

Action: Say No to War & Corporate Greed!

Noon – Central at Tulane

#### **Anniversary Assemblage: A Year of Resistance!**
4:30pm – 9pm? – [Yale Park (Central at Yale)](http://goo.gl/maps/Hl5Zx)
[Facebook event page](https://facebook.com/events/150399835103893)

**How to help:**

* Contact us at , or check the [planning doc](https://pad.riseup.net/p/uOABQ-bday).
* Spread the word. [These flyers might be handy](http://unoccupyabq.org/flyers).
* If you have photos of actions from this past year, please send them to for inclusion in the slideshow.


Occupy Wall Street’s birthday was on the 17th, and they had a lively celebration, with a whole host of actions in the Financial District and around the city. OWS’s birthplace, Zuccotti Park, was packed with people (and heavily “protected” by NYPD) requiring the press to dredge up their “OWS is dead. Move along, nothing to see here.” articles since, y’know, everything’s been fixed now.

But since the fixes haven’t trickled down yet, we’ve been keeping busy, and I’m sure you have too. So in celebration of our birthday (Oct. 1st) we’ll be having an anniversary assemblage at Yale Park, this Saturday the 29th, from around 4:30pm onward, and an action around midday.

At Noon, on Central at Tulane, our allies & us will be demonstrating against warmongering and corporate greed, two systems made to enrich the 1% with the blood of the 99%. We hope to see you there.

Later, in the park, we’ll have great music & food (including birthday cake!), *lovely* awards for our favorite 1%-ers and their tools, (brief!) speakers from the community, deep discussions, photos, sign & tiny tent making, and even a piñata; all centered around what the past year of resistance has looked like for you and us, and how we’ll carry that forward into the next year.

(Ok, maybe the cake & piñata aren’t *totally* on theme, but we like cake & candy, don’t you?)

If your group wishes to be on the speakers schedule, to speak briefly about what you year of resistance has been, and what your next year will be, RSVP to and we’ll do our best to fit you in
(There will be plenty of free time for discussion, scheming and more, so everyone can make their voice heard, even of they’re not on the schedule.)

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