September 6th GA

12 people attended. The GA started in Yale Park and then moved to the UNM SUB so that people could participate in an action in support of Bradley Manning during the showing of the DNC convention speeches.


Sat Sept 8th, 2pm Demetria Martinez will read from her book at the National Hispanic Cultural Center: Wells Fargo theater.

Wed Sept 12th, 5-8pm the coalition that
brought the Mexican Caravan for Peace will have a follow-up with a vigil at UNM, Yale Park.

Tue Sept 18th, 11am Wind Euler, arrested at the LANL action this
summer, will have a hearing at the Los Alamos courthouse. Please attend and show support.

Thurs Oct 11th will be an event to honor
social justice educators at VSA North 4th. Asking for nominations.

Santosh is working with the UNM GPSA to gather support for the Chicago Teachers Union.

Teach-in on Corporate Takeover of Education,

CTU struggle, etc.

We decided to move the teach-in from this Sunday’s GA to the
following Sunday, Sept 16th at 1:30pm in Yale Park, so that Carletta, a local
expert on the topic, can speak. Bill Bradley will also speak. Elaine Romero has
sent info about what is happening in Chicago from a Chicago Teachers Union activist; the looming
strike in Chicago by the CTU has brought this issue to the national forefront. Sayrah
suggested we invite a rep from ABQ Teacher Federation, as they were tabling for
the CTU on Labor Day and are on the front-lines of the struggle to stop the
corporatization of education. Maria would also like Families for a Fair
Education to speak about their battle with APS. Sayrah cautioned that we frame
the event so that teachers do not once again feel attacked or blamed for
problems in APS, noting that this has happened in past discussions with teachers’
unions when parents don’t like things in the school system. We agreed to frame
the discussion around the corporate takeover of education.

The purpose of the teach-in is to educate ourselves so we can be strong advocates. We want to be sure to include in the teach-in next steps for actions that show solidarity.

We agreed we want to promote the teach-in so that there is a good size crowd especially if we invite AFT and/or teachers to speak. Aztatl asked that we write up something that can be
forwarded to list-serves and Sayrah offered to write up a basic description
based on today’s GA notes. Maybe Tina can be asked to make a flyer?

Report-backs on recent actions

National Security Studies Program Symposium at UNM

Summer, Sienna and Sean have protested the convention and have asked questions in sessions. Summer noted that their protest could have impacted the presentations. For example, he held a sign
saying “NATO Kills” and the speaker referenced it. Protestors welcome to come
for the 2nd day (Friday) at SUB Ballroom A. (un)Occupy participants
will try to be there at 10am and again at 3:30pm.

Vets for Peace Action for Bradley Manning

Sienna, Sayrah and Joel protested the Obama Headquarters along with 12 others from Veterans for Peace. The Obama folks were stunned. We filled the lobby and delivered petitions demanding
Bradley’s release. Sayrah filmed it despite being told to stop filming. Sharon
said Quote/Unquote might be interested in showing it. Photos are posted on facebook
and also on the national Bradley Manning Day of Action. The action could have
been improved if we had determined what we wanted to say when we went into the
office since we had such a captive audience.

ANSWER protest against Pat Rogers’ anti-Native statements

Friday 26 people protested in front of his law firm, and changed the tone
to “you did the right thing” to the law firm upon hearing he was forced to
resign. Ch. 4 & Ch 13 covered the protest. The Alibi also covered the
protest ahead of time, encouraging people to protest. ANSWER flyered downtown,
Barelas, Highland High School, and Isleta Pueblo. One protestor said to the
news: “Gov. Martinez is not the person to accept his apology. It is the tribes
that he slandered who should decide if they accept his apology.”

Pine Ridge Action – Lakota

Amalia talked about her experience in Pine Ridge recently. She witnessed a 10 year old being maced in the face by police. Shesaid it was revolutionary to see white folks but their bodies on the line and
Lakota women lead the actions and make the decisions. A cattle trailer was used
to round up protestors. The struggle is very powerful.

Plans for (Un)Occupy ABQ’s 1st Anniversary

Saturday Sept 29th from 4:30pm-8pm we will gather in Yale Park for food, music, speakers, and film.

Speakers: A great list of organizations we have partnered with in the past year has been created and we’d like to get speakers from those groups to share what their year of resistance has looked like.
Maria will type up the list and put it on facebook and ask everyone to contact at least one group to get a speaker. Speeches would be between 5-6pm and be
only a few minutes.

Emcee: we want to have 2 emcees share the role with gender balance. Maria is willing. We can ask Enrique, Demetria, and/or Jessica as well.

Sound system: Kenneth has one; Bob A. has one; Quote/Unquote might.

Food: Sharon offered to contact Trinity Catholic Worker. We expect about 50 people. Potluck.

Film: Loren suggested we show “Skins” but we thought that might be fun for another night. Sayrah is working on putting together photos of the 100+ actions over the last year but needs people to send her photos. She will put together a powerpoint. Sharon offered to check if Quote/Unquote can loan a projector to show the photos on the wall near Yale Park.

Tabling: Santhosh can print materials from our website. Should we offer tabling to groups invited to speak?

Permit: We agreed after a few GAs that we wanted a permit and hope SOAP can get it from 4pm-10pm.

Protest: Do we want to protest or do an action earlier in the day? Friends of Sabeel is having a conference nearby and that is why our event starts at 4:30pm at the end of their conference day. Protests still occur from 12-1pm in Nob Hill against Israeli occupation. Sayrah suggested a protest against war profiteering with the groups protesting that day.

Next General Assembly: Sunday Sept 9th, 1:30pm, Yale Park.
Continue plans for anniversary fiesta and planning Teach-in on Corporate Takeover of Education.

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