How does it suck? Keystone XL & the Tar Sands

Fort McMurray, Alberta / Kris Krüg / CC-NC-SA

PDF Flyer version here.

The Keystone XL pipeline is TransCanada Corp.’s
expansion to the Keystone 1, to bring Alberta Tar
Sands crude to the Texas coast for export.

Tar sands oil is filthy, using 2 tons of tar sand and 2-5
barrels of water for a single barrel of oil. That water is put into massive waste lakes, where the toxic water leaches into the environment at over 3 million gallons a day. Simply
producing the tar sands oil makes over 3x the greenhouse gases of
typical crude.

We’re already seeing climate chaos in droughts, super-storms, and more.
The Keystone XL’s flood of tar sands oil would make it worse. A lot worse.

TransCanada, Syncrude, & co. violate tribal sovereignty, illegally
poisoning the land & water of First Nations in Canada & the
US, and aim to bulldoze right through sacred sites.

TransCanada claimed Keystone 1 would have 1 spill
every 7 years. Instead, it had 12 in its first year. All
pipelines spill, and Keystone XL will run over the
Oglala Aquifer, which gives water to farmers in the
Midwest and in New Mexico too. Contaminating it
would be a disaster, and the Keystone is built to spill.

The pipeline wouldn’t even lower unemployment or gas
prices. The oil would go overseas, raising prices here,
and killing more jobs than the 3k low-wage temp jobs
it would make.


A far better path is more efficiency and a real switch to
clean, renewable energy. This is safer, creates fair
jobs, addresses climate chaos, and respects people &
the earth. But it won’t happen without fighting the 1%
who get rich by ruining the earth for the rest of us.

Come to a General Assembly, and build your world.

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