Medicine for the People 2015Medicine for the People by the People Brochure 2015 [PDF]
Informational pamphlet for our 4th annual free community health fair, this time dedicated in honour of Mary Hawkes. Greyscale, double-sided.

Street action safety & rightsStreet Action Safety & Rights – [PDF]
Street Action Safety & Rights – Shareable image [IMG]
Print the PDF double-sided to make into quarter-sheets, or print single-sided as half-sheets.

Info flyer [PDF]
Half-sheet, double-sided flyer with contact info, GA/S&S schedule and a short blurb about (un)OccupyABQ on the front, with “Why (un)Occupy?” statement & movement agreements on the back. (Last updated February 2015, includes message about upcoming health fair, Movement Agreements & GA details.)
Single-sided flyer, without the extra stuff, available here [PDF]
Single flyer image for the web, without the extra stuff, available here [IMG]
(Does not reflect current revision.)

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

Booklet of questions that (un)OccupyABQ often hears regarding racism and the use of the word “occupy.”

Tips for White People in the #OWS Movement [DOC]
Five points to be mindful of; copied from here. Not an exhaustive list obviously, but still valuable.

Previous Actions

To be added: International Women’s Day 2015, Ferguson solidarity actions, Leonard Peltier 2015, FTP week flyers for 2013 & 2014, etc.

Bullseye Peoples' Shooting CompetitionBullseye [IMG]
Bullseye [EPS]
Bullseye graphic for the People’s Shooting Competition, taking aim not only at police brutality, but at the greater oppressive structures we face.

aim-higherPolice Brutality? Aim Higher! [PDF]
Police Brutality? Aim Higher! [IMG]
Letter-size flyer for the March & Competition on September 14th.

Speak Out for JusticeSpeak Out for Justice [PDF]
Speak Out for Justice [IMG]
We will make a human chain from DOJ to City Hall to show the DOJ that we’re watching and waiting for justice! As a symbolic visual, we will pass a large scale of justice. After, we will march to Old Town and have a soap box speak-out in the Old Town Plaza. Meet at the south side of Civic Plaza at 11am. March will start at 12pm.

baldemar flyerThe Struggle Continues: Baldemar Velasquez [PDF]
The Struggle Continues [IMG]

Hasta la Victoria! Baldemar Velásquez [PDF]
Hasta la Victoria! [IMG]

Baldemar Velasquez, friend of Cesar Chavez and a farm worker who created the union FLOC, will talk about the status of farm workers today, the union’s struggles and current boycott, and the issue of human trafficking people to work in the fields. Live music and food for sale.
Read more about the event here.
PS: Here’s a vector of FLOC’s logo, crafted for use in the flyer.

[Archived] Movement Agreements [PDF]
Old edition, 2013 revisions are integrated into info-sheets above. A list of consensed upon agreements about how (un)OccupyABQ strives to organize, interact, and communicate with one another and the public.

marigold dollars 2013 cropMarigold Dollars [PDF]
“Global Capital: Undocumented” Mock corporate money made for the 2013 Marigold Parade.

Fight Back Against Foreclosure!Fight Back Against Foreclosure! [PDF]
Lucha Contra Los Desahucios! [PDF]
Bilingual posters encouraging people who are undergoing foreclosure, or their friends and family, to contact us for aid in resisting the bank’s unjust actions.

From Navajo Nation to Nagasaki & HiroshimaFrom Navajo Nation to Nagasaki & Hiroshima [PDF]
Half-sheet flyer for film night marking the anniversaries of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, as well as the toll of nuclear war & extraction on indigenous people of the southwest. The Return of Navajo Boy will be shown, an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and PBS. It is an internationally acclaimed documentary which reunited a Navajo family and triggered a federal investigation into uranium contamination.
Single flyer image for the web [IMG]

usfs-mt-demo-poster usfs-mt-demo-m31 no uranium_jun25final
Flyers for a salvo of actions to protect sacred Mount Taylor from uranium mining.
May 10th Demonstration [IMG]
May 31st Demonstration [PDF] [IMG]
June 25th “Hearts Against the Mine” March in Santa Fe [PDF] [IMG]

arun-gupta-flyerArun Gupta Talk – Full-page flyer [PDF]
Arun Gupta Talk – Web flyer [IMG]
Arun Gupta Talk – Half-page handbill [PDF]
For independent journalist Arun Gupta’s talk on May 14th: “Fear and Organizing in the Age of Obama”
Read more here…

mayday 2013Mayday 2013: Flyer (11×17) [PDF]
Mayday 2013: Flyer (11×17) [IMG]
Flyer for the Zombie Worker Die-In: March for all Workers Rights.
Additional resources: May Day Chants – half-sheets [PDF] and a double-sided flyer on the history of May Day [PDF].

Medicine for the People by the People: No Fear Just Free!Medicine for the People by the People [PDF]
Medicina para la Gente de la Gente [PDF]
Bilingual posters to spread the word about the Medicine WG’s second annual day of free health care for the community, Saturday, April 27th at Endorphin Power co.
PNG flyer in English for the web.
PNG flyer in Spanish for the web.
Black & white PDF flyers in English & Spanish

peltier-f9International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier [IMG]

For the February 9th event at the Peace & Justice Center in solidarity with Leonard Peltier. A collaboration with the ABQ LPDOC chapter.

LANL 6 solidarity party flyerLANL 6 Solidarity Party [PDF]
LANL 6 Solidarity Party [IMG]

LANL 6 trial support flyerLANL 6 Trial Support [PDF]
LANL 6 Trial Support [IMG]

(un)Occupy & Keystone XL Info flyer [PDF]
Prepared for our mock pipeline in the Marigold parade: Standard info flyer on one side, Keystone XL & Tar Sands facts on the other. Two double-sided fliers per sheet. 100% radical. (Note: GA info is not current.)
Since your screen isn’t double-sided, here’s a single flyer image for sharing. [IMG]

Anniversary Party: A Year of Resistance [PDF]
Anniversary Party: A Year of Resistance [IMG]

October 1st is our anniversary, and to celebrate, we’ll be holding an action and a party on Saturday, Sept. 29th! Here are the flyers.
Read more about the events here.
Oh, you wanted a PDF for quarter-sheets?

LANL Direct Action: August 6th [PDF]
Half-sheet, double-sided flyer for the Hiroshima Day actions in Los Alamos this August. Back describes how LANL fuels Nuclear War, a Toxic Earth, and Corporate Greed.
JPG flyer for the web. [Back image]
PDF for quarter-sheets.
Double-sided, single flyer PDF.

Medicine for the People by the People: No Fear Just Free!Medicine for the People by the People: No Fear Just Free! [PDF]
Medicina para la Gente de la Gente: Sin Miedo ¡es Gratis! [PDF]
Bilingual posters to spread the word about the Medicine WG’s day of free health care for the community, Saturday, July 14th at Endorphin Power co.
JPG flyer in English for the web.
JPG flyer in Spanish for the web.

People’s Pots & Pans Potluck Parade [IMG]
A lovely drawn flyer for the P5 event to welcome the Occupy Caravan on June 14th. Spread the word!

Speak Truth About NATO [PDF]

Spread the truth about NATO, and hear firsthand about what really happened during Chicago’s anti-NATO actions. Friday May 25th, 3:30-5:00pm, Wyoming Blvd, South of Zuni. Gates of Kirtland Air Force Base.
Two-per-sheet version here [PDF]

Fight Foreclosers! Little & Associates Action [PDF]

Shame Little & Associates, a law firm executing Bank of America’s foreclosure orders in NM, and profits from their theft. Also meet people in foreclosure right now, who are directly affected by the firm’s collusion. Thursday May 24th, 11AM–1PM, at their offices at 4501 Indian School NE.

Bank of America Protest [PDF]
Three-per-sheet flyer for the downtown BofA action on Wednesday May 9th, 4-6p, as part of a national day of action against BofA.

Bank Of America Stats FlyerBank of America’s Sleaze Sampler [PDF]
Bank of America’s Sleaze Sampler [IMG]
Three-per-sheet flyer detailing a few of BofA’s innumerable crimes.

Mayday: Walk to Cure Capitalism (11×17) [PDF]
Mayday: Walk to Cure Capitalism (11×17) [IMG]
Poster for the 2012 Mayday events, especially the march.
A PDF for quarter-sheets is here.

Mayday: Music & March [IMG]
Flyer for the two main events. It has details about the live music, and lists many of the bands which will be performing.
A JPG for quarter-sheets is here.