“The Struggle Continues: Baldemar Velasquez and Today’s Farm Worker Movement” Fri March 28th 6pm

baldemar flyer
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Fri March 28th 6pm
Peace & Justice Center
Co-sponsored by (un)Occupy Albuquerque, Campus Migrant Assistance Program (CAMP), UNM Fair Trade Initiative and the Recuerda a Cesar Chavez Committee.

Baldemar grew up a child migrant farm worker and created the farm worker union FLOC in the Midwest during the time that Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta were creating UFW in California. Though his union was not as well known, the two unions were in solidarity with each other as they tried to change the horrendous conditions of farm workers.

FLOC has achieved incredible victories in almost impossible situations. Farm workers are one of the most exploited groups of workers in the US, exempted from most labor laws and paid some of the lowest wages in the US.

FLOC was the one of the first unions to get ‘three way contracts’ so that the corporation, grower, AND farm workers were at the negotiation table, and also one of the first unions to have cross border worker negotiations.

For example, in their victory with Campbell Soup, not only did the farmworkers in the US get better pay and working conditions, but FLOC insisted the South American workers also get the same win.

FLOC has also been fighting back against human trafficking, one of the most despicable ways that farm workers are brought to this country to be exploited by agribusinesses. FLOC’s staff member Santiago Rafael Cruz was brutally murdered by a trafficking cartel for his work to end this. His murder became known world wide and Amnesty International spotlighted him.

Baldemar was named a McArthur Genius, and is a recipient of the highest award in Mexico (rarely given to a non Mexican citizen). He is also on the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO.

This is a fundraiser for farm workers. $5 suggested donation. Food, drinks, and FLOC merchandise for sale. All proceeds go to FLOC.

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