(Un)Occupy Abq “APD Needs to Be Held Accountable”

(Un)Occupy Abq “APD Needs to Be Held Accountable”

(Un)Occupy Abq has been involved in the local movement to fight against APD violence. We have helped with protests, organized multiple community forums and trainings for protestors, as well as media talking points and a guide to street protest.

Sun March 30th: Riot police interrupted the (Un)Occupy Abq weekly General Assembly at Yale Park, using it as a staging area for those protesting APD violence. Members of (Un)Occupy sprang into action, intervening between police and protestors and filmed their actions as a deterrant. For the rest of the day and late into the evening, (Un)Occupy helped inexperienced activists stay nonviolent and was a police liaison as well as offered tactical support among the snake marches and two different protests (university and downtown).

Mon March 31st: (Un)Occupy organized a community forum, attended by 170 people, at the Peace & Justice Center. Facilitated and using progressive stack to include all voices, we were able to hear from the community and make a list of demands.

Tues April 1st: An (Un)Occupy member was one of the first on the scene of another shooting, this time in the South Valley and she put a call-out to everyone. A spontaneous protest was put together across from the crime scene and a vigil planned that evening.

Mon April 7th: (Un)Occupy works with other coalition members to pack the City Council meeting with 5 hours of public comment.

Thurs April 10th: DOJ findings released. (Un)Occupy Abq helped create a community press conference to respond to the findings.

Thurs April 10th: (Un)Occupy organized people to attend the Police Oversight Commission meeting that afternoon and give public comment. One member of (Un)Occupy Abq urges the POC to resign en masse. Within days, half the POC resigns.

Sat April 12th: (Un)Occupy organized a training on street protest, including a guide as well as a “Know Your Rights” legal training.

Thurs April 17th: (Un)Occupy helped organize another community forum to work on strategies and tactics for keeping APD accountable.

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