Water, People , Movement- RISE! Our Medicine Has No Border

We are honored to work with Kallpuli Izkalli again this year to bring healers and community members together for this day of community healing. The Food is Medicine kitchen will be happening again this year.

We hope to empower each other with awareness about health justice and our inherent right to heal and be cared for during times of illness and transition. This event is intended to be part of a movement to change the model of health care provided in our community. In a capitalist system there is little value in healing.
We will be serving those who live in fear of limited or no access to health care, as well as those who have had no success with the health care provided to them. We will make available knowledge and exposure to many forms of health care available within our community.
By providing exposure and education to many paths of wellness, we wish to freely share what we believe is innately human: a right to heal! We believe that all seekers of wellness, mind, body, and spirit may find empowerment and freedom.

Ceremony starts at 10:30 AM

Healing starts at 12:00 to 4PM

Flyers available here: unoccupyabq.org/flyers


509 Cardenas Dr SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

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