Thursday Nov. 1st GA & Work Session

Notes below, but first, the important times & dates for our action in the Dia de los Muertos – Marigold Parade:

Saturday – 1pm – Yale Park

Finessing the pipe, making or finishing signs, banners, etc. for the parade.
Collecting all the supplies in one place, loosely figuring out roles, timing, etc.

Sunday – Parade Day

Meet at the YDI Head Start Sign-in table at 1p, or at Yale Park by 11:30a or 12:30p to carpool.
If your face isn’t already painted as a skull, required, you can get it painted there.
The staging area is at Citation Dr. SW & El Centro Familiar Blvd. SW
Directions: from Isleta and Arenal, go south on Isleta, right at Valdora, Left at Citation (by Ernie Pyle). Keep traveling, and you’ll hit a huge parking lot.


Big pipe, 8in pvc tube, ~8 feet long. With oily smears and a banner hanging on/from it. Giant skull-headed CEO, with $ briefcase, etc. at the front. “Don’t worry, this thing is perfectly safe.” Sporadically, an oil slick (undulating black plastic) will erupt from the front of the pipe. comically ladling up tainted water from the slick, into a mini oil barrel (disguised Gatorade cooler sitting in a wagon). People bearing shiny platters offer people cups of the tainted water, sloshing it carelessly about, leaving a trail of ecological destruction and spilled chocolate syrup-y water. People with signs & banners making a racket and chasing the CEO, etc. Spectacle! Black glitter, and candy tossed into the crowd, fliers about the Keystone XL, ties to local value of water, 1%, and GA etc. info handed to them.
Other stuff?

For the wildly abbreviated GA segment, Pam gave a recap of the eviction Wednesday (not even done by full sheriff’s dept. deputies) and what she’s been doing since then: legal paperwork, etc. Said her main idea of how we can help is via putting pressure on the law firm for BofA, Leverrick & Musselman.

Here’s what everyone committed to, or was signed up for, as best I can remember, just because you’re not listed here doesn’t mean you aren’t doing something valuable.


  • Candy (Hershey’s kisses?)
  • Cups – for ‘oily’ water
  • some printing – b&w


  • Black plastic sheeting (oil slick)
  • 8in PVC pipe
  • choc. syrup – dilute 10:1 and use as oil
  • orange gatorade drink cooler, made to be oil barrel


  • 2 sheets for pipe and banners
  • possibly stuffed animals for oil soaking, if feasible
  • research for flyer &c.
  • possibly wagon

Amalia & Maria

  • Red, Black, & White paints
  • Masterminding entire parade
  • wagon?


  • black glitter (oil for tossing)


  • platters for serving cups of oily water (haughty waiters, replete with napkins on their arms, offering watchers glasses, carelessly sloshing them about and making a mess of oil)
  • existing ‘class war’ banner for rear of float
  • self as ceo – costume: giant calavera mask, briefcase w/ $$ on it, funny money
  • 1/2in pvc spine, perhaps for front banner? but not really required


  • flyer layout on KXL and infosheet
  • some printing – color
  • fancy paper napkins for platters
  • duct-tape!
  • white-out pen? (for writing on black sign material)
  • twine for hanging banners on or from pipeline


  • base banner for front of group, finish decoration on saturday


  • respirator!?

The kids would kindly request that you throw candy at them.
The police have said however that last year there was candy thrown at them too, which they did not like.
Also, there was too much fun. So throwing candy at them is disallowed.
No statements were made regarding donuts. Donuts with candy on top will be classified as donuts.

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