Thursday Oct. 18th GA

This GA was fairly loose.
Brainstorming. Jokes.
(No, not about you. Pinky promise.)

Alternative Winter Meeting Spaces

Baby, it’s getting mildly cool outside.

  • The P&J Center is not feasible considering the frequency of our meetings, PJOLA membership covers one/month. We have nine.
  • Maybe finding different place in the UNM SUB, perhaps top floor?
    (Find where cleaning crew starts, that way they aren’t around during GA.)
    Caveat: Still doesn’t address meeting when the SUB is closed (UNM winter break, ~1 month)
  • UNM Women’s Resource center has a nice meeting room, but not open on Sundays. Two locations could be a hassle, and it’s buried for non-students, and fairly hidden even for campus folk.
  • The church a few blocks S. on Yale would be open, if we were religious.
    Two Ideas: Turn GA into religious group worshipping Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or, since they do host AA/NA meetings, become a support group/intervention for one of our most milquetoast, straight-laced members, after leading him down a path of bad decisions, necessitating frequent meetings and radical action.
  • Pitch enormous tent. Put space heater inside. Open flap so we don’t suffocate.
  • Encampment at top of parking garage over winter. (They won’t notice!)
  • One compound word: Fire-pit. (in park)
  • Meet at Nob Hill mini police station. Pitch in for donuts.
  • Frontier kinda’ worked for some meetings; best place is the round table in the rug room.
  • El Mezquite market, not so much. (Not a conducive atmosphere, and like the Frontier, workers aren’t treated well.)

Comment: “Effective space requires ability to create sphere of community […] not be sucked away.”

  • Birdsong books? Were supportive, but it’s a used bookstore, so space is likely at premium.
  • Electrical outlet in park could be handy, but can be disabled at any time.
  • Host raves.

Change it up every time. Keep it fun and exciting.

Setting up a tent would take a while, but what if we get faster at it?
Tent time trials! Race against the clock and the cops!
(Could also be a fun part of a larger day of action or event.)

Keystone XL – Tar Sands Blockade – Update/Support
TransCanada had cut off Texas tree-sitters from supplies. In response, they trained ~50 people for 3 days. Day of DA, lots of stuff. One aspect: Camouflaged, they surrounded the trees and rushed. Pudgy sheriffs tried to catch running, supply bearing activists. 8 arrests; supplies got through while others served as distraction.

How to support

  • Raise funds as part of larger event?
  • Place signs in trees, banners? Blitz city.
    Key focus would have to be education about Tar Sands & pipeline, before even reaching blockade aspect. Most people don’t even know what KXL is. (Tie to local water issues? ex: KAFB jet fuel spill & aquifer)

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