Stop Foreclosure Barbecue & Camp Out


Aug. 10 – Members of (un)Occupy Albuquerque will be joining Pamela Lipper
at her house this Saturday, Aug. 11, for a barbecue and campout to resist
an impending property seizure.

Ms. Lipper’s house is located at 600 Veranda NW, which is one block North
of Candelaria and two blocks West of 4th Street. She will also be holding
a press conference at 11 am.

The barbecue will begin at 8.30 am and neighbors as well as community
members will be invited to join the event. Some members plan on camping
out there overnight.

Ms. Lipper received her first three-day eviction notice from Leverick and
Musselman by mail on Saturday, Aug. 4, and her second notice yesterday
(Aug. 9) . She said Countrywide had bought her contract from First Magnus
Financial Corp. in 2007. “Shortly after that, my job ended… I tried to
renegotiate with Countrywide. They negotiated an agreement to bring the
account current and I met the deadline and payment amount, but Countrywide
refused to keep their part of the agreement,” Lipper said and added that as
a result, her account went into foreclosure.

There is a matter of questionable validity of the contract, the issue of
Countrywide’s standing to bring foreclosure, and many other matters
unresolved and proven. Ms. Lipper said she had conveyed to Leverick and
Musselman that it was in violation of the bankruptcy court order and
judicial court ruling. “(Leverick & Musselman) has not shown that they are
party to the case, have the power of attorney to evict me and there is also
no affidavit of fact to support that. They have also ignored my notice and
response to their three-day eviction notice,” she said.

Ms. Lipper is filing a Notice of Appeal today in response to her motion to
dismiss the case. “If that does not stop them, then we will protest and
rally beginning Saturday,” she added.

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  1. Sayrah August 11, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    This is one of the best actions we’ve done!

    First because its taken a direct stand in solidarity with a person in foreclosure.

    Second I love that food was incorporated into the action.

    Third that we’ve had such a good turnout.

    Fourth there’s been good visuals with the signs on her
    fence, the roof of her home, the tent in the yard.

    Fifth the media is covering, though we need more.

    Sixth Occuprint came by on their national tour and held the workshop on Tshirt/poster printing in the front yard!

    Seventh that Pam feels really supported in this awful moment in her life.

    KUDOS to everyone organizing and participating in this!


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