Draft: Movement Agreements Revised

Proposed revisions to the current Movement Agreements, drafted by Hershe & Henry. The idea was floated at last week’s GA. There will be discussion of this proposal at next Sunday’s GA on February 3rd. Please come prepared to discuss.

Existing Agreements in no particular order, with deletions & revisions noted:

  • We are non-violent.
  • We respect the land and each other. – Rework into something that speaks to what Maria said at the meeting Sunday about respecting the power of the group and of coming together as allies with one another.
  • We are positive & proactive.
  • We use 100% consensus decision-making process.
  • We have no spokesperson or leader.
  • We are non-hierarchical. – covered in “…no spokesperson or leaders.” and “…practice anti-oppression politics.”
  • We practice anti-oppression politics.
  • We do not accept monetary donations. – policy has already changed.
  • We are mindful of our public image. – redundant if we have “…non-violent” and “…positive & proactive.”
  • We do not use illegal drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes on site. – Rework into something about taking personal responsibility for ourselves and being willing to show up at actions and meetings with the ability to exercise good judgment and be strong allies so we do not hinder or jeopardize the important work we come together to do. Or maybe simply put, “We are accountable to our community for our actions.”
  • We take care of our personal belongings. – no longer relevant.


  • We embrace a diversity of tactics.

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