Sunday Feb. 3rd GA

10 present


APS and CNM School Board Elections will be this week. Sayrah & Tina will share personal recommendations.

February 14th: One Billion Rising, an international day to break the violence chain against women. There will be events in Albuquerque, including a flash mob at UNM and a silent walk in Nob Hill.

Lottery Scholarship: The scholarship that enables many students in NM to go to college is slated to run out of money by this Summer, unless something is done. The proposed changes are v. neoliberal, and would most hurt the students who need it. This item will be talked about later. Sienna and Sean will find more info about this. Maybe think of actions to do around this.

César Chavez Day is April 6th. Harry Belafonte as a speaker, hopefully!

Students for Justice in Palestine are planning an Arts Festival this semester, in legacy of the Mock Wall Campaign.


Omar Bargouti talk: About 10 of us from (un)Occupy attended. Talked about boycotting corporations that affect both New Mexico and Palestine. (I.e. The corporation that is building the Israeli/Palestinian wall is the same that is building the Mexico/U.S.) Linking indigenous struggles everywhere. For future discussion: Strategies/Tactics that will affect both Palestine and NM.


Movement Agreements

We had much discussion over these, and will need to continue to be discussed as it gets to some core issues of our movement.

Working from the previously posted draft:

We consensed to delete the three agreements, “We have no spokesperson or
Leader”; “We do not accept monetary donations”; and “We take care of our personal belongings” due to inconsistency with our actual practice, or contextual irrelevance.

We also consensed to delete positive from “We are positive and
proactive.” Some expressed that “positive” was ambigious, and besides, saying “No!” is good. We also replaced image with prescence in “We are mindful of our public image” since image is shallow.

We condensed to keep “We are non-hierarchical.”

We still need to discuss the two agreements to rework, but the general sense was
that they could incorporate what was left of the “proactive” and “public
presence” agreements.

We also unanimously agreed to make time in the near future for a robust
discussion about non-violence & diversity of tactics.

Leonard Peltier Event

This Saturday, February 9th 5-9pm at the Center for Peace and Justice.

Potluck, Music, Speakers, all around wonderfulness!


Merchandise and info table: Hershe and Amalia
Kitchen: Sienna, Summer, and Amalia
Laptop: Santhosh
Clean-up: Anyone?

Peter will come at 3:30 to set up.

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