Sunday Jan. 27th GA

Held at Winning’s
10 present.


Sacred Peace Walk: Las Vegas to the Nevada Test Site. March 23-March 29. For more info go to

Medic Training postponed due to lack of attendees. Thinking of rescheduling at the beginning of Spring Break. (March 9th & 10th) Talk to Henry if you are interested in signing up, and let him know what dates work for you. The training will be 20 hours over 2 days, but don’t be discouraged by this commitment.

The Trinity Catholic Worker house is looking for one or two women to live and run the Manger (a 7 day shelter for families). Contact the house: 505-842-5697

Somos Un Pueblo Unido action. Rally with speakers. January 30th Santa Fe, Roundhouse.

This Wednesday at Winnings, 7:00pm Kick off for Food and Water Watch’s “Let Me Decide” campaign to label GMO foods.

MLK Parade. Charles is on the committee, and is trying to address issue of militarization and contrary MLK values of the parade. Wants to maybe have a meeting with us to see how we can help him in this. We should contact the MLK commission to let them know our concerns and how we can change it.

Ceasar Chavez Day committee wants ideas about how to get info out to community, about the parade and events which is First Sat. or Sun of April. Sayrah is on this committee so talk to her if interested.

Students for Justice in Palestine presents Boycott Divestment and Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights with Omar Barghouti. This Thursday, Jan. 31st UNM SUB Ballroom A at 6:00pm. Free. There will be no S&S this Thursday, we’ll be attending the talk instead.


Mayor’s Office action with Vecinos United. West Mesa got brought up a lot. Mayor “wasn’t there.” 16 people attended. Requested to talk to the Mayor this week.

Families United for Education: School board election is on February 5th. They want to help get people out to vote! (for good candidates)


Black Mesa: Planning a week long training (mainly for non-native people) at the end of May or early June. (un)Occupy has been invited to participate and/or plan. We decided as a group that we would help plan/organize/coordinate and participate (which involves sending a few of our activists there for the training). Santhosh will be the contact. There are many important indigenous actions planned this summer. Would be great if we could send reps. from (un)Occupy. We will need to fundraise in order to be able to do this. From the UU speaker stipend: 30$ was given back to bail fund, and 20$ was given toward fund for summer actions.

Diversity of Tactics: Henry proposed to add to the movement agreements: “We embrace a diversity of tactics.” We will discuss the change further, and possibly decide, next Sunday.

The movement agreements as a whole need to be revisited. Hershe and Henry will work on this, and bring a draft to the GA.

S&S Topics: Sean will send links for (optional) topics of discussion on Mondays.


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