Update on Michelle Shocked – Foreclosure Event- by Bill Bradley

Hello:  this is an update on Foreclosure activity—We will set a date for the next Foreclosure working group meeting at the GA, this Thursday, April 19.
Banks, like Wells Fargo and BoA, have robbed trillions of dollars from all of us via the ongoing mortgage scandal!  President Obama appointed a very small investigatory team which has not even been funded yet.  There is no investigation of these banks, nor will there be if we don’t push NM Attorney General Gary King to tell Obama to fund a much larger team within the Dept of Justice to gather evidence and prosecute bank CEOS, managers and others responsible.
Also, the recently completed national mortgage settlement will give crumbs to illegally foreclosed on homeowners, and worse pave the way to make it more difficult to hold banks accountable for their actions in the future.
Last night, Saturday, the (un) Occupy foreclosure working group was invited to speak at the sold out Michelle Shocked, who is involved in the foreclosure fightback with Occupy LA.  We gave the attentive audience an update and invited to get involved. Also, we asked how many people are in foreclosure or personally know someone.  About 25% raised their hands!    7 people spoke to me after the concert.
It is time to strategically discuss our next move in fighting back against this national corporate robbery.  Ya basta!

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  1. bg April 15, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    Thank you, Bill, for the report! Heartbreaking that so many in the audience are personally touched by this scandal and crime.

    This is one area that really holds opportunity to build our movement, so thanks for doing such great outreach, and thanks to Michelle Shocked for her support!