GA Minutes – Sunday, April 15, 2012


  • There will be a meeting of the Albuquerque Anti-Capitalist Alliance Working Group on Saturday at 4 p.m. in the Peace and Justice Center
  • There will be a mock wall up all next week in UNMs Smith Plaza
  • Monday: Borders, Occupations, Indigenous Rights
  • Scrap Theater Productions Street Performance at 12 in Smith Plaza
  • Immigration Panel, 5:00 PM UNM SUB 3rd floor Acoma
  • A Better Life, film – 7:00 PM UNM SUB 3rd floor Acoma
  • Tuesday: Racism, Classism, Oppression, Accessibility
  • (un)occupy march against the 1% 12:00 PM Zimmerman Plaza
  • Mecha Teatro 12:30 PM Zimmerman plaza.
  • Wednesday: Intersections
  • Scrap Theater Productions Street Performance – 12:00 PM Zimmerman Plaza
  • Candlelight vigil 7:30 PM
  • Thursday: Gender/Sexuality
  • Queering Gender at the Border – 10:00 AM UNM Sub 3rd Floor Mirage Thunderbird
  • Meditation Mob 12:30 PM Zimmerman plaza
  • Nazrah: A Muslim Women’s Perspective. 6:30 PM UNM SUB
  • Friday
  • State Violence, Militarism and Non-Violent Resistance
  • Lost in Detention Doccumentary 12PM UNM sub 3rd floor Isleta.
  • March to Cure Capitalism will be on may day and will start in lobo park at 4:30 PM and go to Richardson park.

5 what are we looking to do

4 Conversation around class

1 march against 1%

3 may day report

2 activist round table

march against 1%:
We need to create sign for mock wall. We need to create sign mgh sign.
We need to update the unoccupy website.
Facebook event for March against 1%
We need slogans and chants.
We need to tell sjp

Student activism round table at research conference:
We need to get student activists
GET, outqueer grads, occupy activists,
24 of April at 12

may day report: Not too much important stuff
On Thursday discuss may day.

Michele shocked update by forclosure working group.
– concert of Michele shocked was sold out.
– audience New a lot of peoples who were focused upon.
– Obama admin thing is no good :(
– investigation of the bank fraud is a bit of a sham.
-iceland has done a great thing
-We will set a time on Thursday for foreclosed working group.

Conversations about class.
We should bring someone in who can talk about class and classism.
someone could give us a good foundation for us to talk about class.
Alyosha Goldstien could talk to us about class, we would like a workshop.

what do we see ourselves doing.
wealth of resources in native studies people here on campus.
unoccupy statement on drip.
Leonard Peltier art showing.
Indigenous rights is a big deal!
June 21st: trying to get ppl to Flagstaff is important.

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