GA Highlights

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012

14 in attendance – Facilitator: Hershe, Note taker: Summer

Consensed upon:
1. (un)occupyABQ will take part in the Mock Wall action at UNM in March.

2. F24-26 will be on the agenda at each GA between now and when it happens.

Announcement: Facilitation/Consensus process trainings will take place in the SUB 45 minutes before each Sunday GA and for 45 minutes following each Thursday GA.

See Working Group Forums to get involved with our three latest action planning working groups: F24-26 (Andy, pointperson); F29 (Kenneth, pointperson); and Mock Wall (Summer, pointperson).

Feb. 24-26 (un)occupy Yale Park! It’s on!
Feb. 29 Shutdown Corporations Action! It’s on!

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012
10 in attendance – Facilitator: Hershe, Note taker: Lenore

Consensed upon:
(un)occupyABQ will Leap into Action Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 in solidarity with Occupy Portland’s National Call to Shut Down the Corporations

Reencampment proposals/discussion
Feb. 29 Shutdown Corporations Action
Consensus process reminder
Facilitation Training

Agenda leftovers:
Continuation of Re-encampment discussion
Feb. 29 Corporation Shutdown action
The Walk(ers) report back
El Dorado 6 update

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