GA notes – Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

February 2, 2012

Facilitator – Hershe, Note taker – Lenore


This Sunday Feb. 5 at 5pm – (un)Occupy Privilege and Oppression Potluck and Discussion at Jess’ house. Bring food, drinks, and topics to discuss. Contact Jess for her address.

Occupy DC is still waiting under the threat of eviction.

Occupy Miami has been evicted.

Occupy Nashville is deciding whether or not to voluntarily disband.

Working Groups Reports:

Forclosure – Has been talking about possible actions for February 29th. Mentioned the Salt River Project in Phoenix as a model for possibilities.

Media – Our (Un)Occupy website is the first one that comes up when people search for “Occupy ABQ”

Anticapitalist – Planning a march/rally on March 15th for the international day against police brutality. Starting early on planning for May 1st, including La Raza Unida’s “Walk to Cure Capitalism.” Getting the Solidarity Network into gear and should have more news and direct actions planned soon for a wage theft case we’ve taken on.

Statewide Solidarity – a visit is in the works to Occupy Farmington.

Agenda Items:

1. Consensus reminder – It is important to hear all voices and take a temperature check before considering consensing.

2. Facilitation training – We need more of us to take turns facilitating GAs. Hershe will set up a Facilitation Training next week.

3. February 29th ACTION – Occupy Portland put out a call for a nation wide shut down of corporations associated with ALEC.

CONSENSUS: We will organize an action for Wednesday, Feb. 29 in solidarity with Portland. This is also leap day! Be thinking of smaller, autonomous actions that could go on around the city.

4. Re-encampment – Ongoing discussions about when, where, and how we should re-encamp are ongoing, but it was agreed that we should regain our presence at Yale Park, at least temporarily. February 24th -26th we will have a weekend of teach-ins and events at Yale Park. A re-encampment working group was formed to plan these events. This Saturday from 12-1 we will be setting up the info booth, holding signs, etc. This is right before the ANSWER rally against war in Iran.



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