GA Notes – Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012


Leonard Peltier Walk for Human Rights

Wednesday / 10 AM: Looking for people to walk from Yale Park to downtown. (Also: teach-ins…) Please bring Bottled H₂O, fruit, gas cards, or $.
Wednesday / 5 PM?: Potluck at La Plazita Institute
831 Isleta Blvd SW – Albuquerque, NM 87105
Contact Bonnie: (920)-445-6759
They are staying at La Plazita.

Working Groups

Medicine for the People by the People:

February 11 event postponed to July 14th. They will need a lot of help. Endorphin Power Co. has offered their space, All medicine givers (traditional, holistic, western, etc.) are invited to provide their services for free. Free health fair.
Meetings: Sundays / 5 PM, See forum.


Progressing nicely. The next meeting time has not been set yet.


Allen Wainwright is starting monthly foreclosure advisement in Albuquerque. They are already happening in Sandoval County.
Meetings: Wednesdays / 6:30 PM, in El Mezquite Market
201 San Pedro Drive S.E (San Pedro & Central)

Statewide GA

Possibility of going to other locals in NM to help garner support in that area.


F29 Action

Occupy Portland is calling or a nationwide action to shutdown th corporations, targeting the members of [ALEC]( “The American Legislative Executive Council”).

Proposal: Target PNM & ask them to cut their ties with ALEC. PNM is a co-owner of the coal-fired Four Corners power plant with ALEC members.
Suggestion: Combine state GA with F29 action?
* Bill will contact Wild Earth Guardians, Black Mesa, about collaboration. Agreement that more research/coordination is needed; reconvene & discuss on Thursday.


Numerous site ideas floated:

  • West Mesa / Pajarito Mesa
  • UNM
  • Roosevelt Park
  • Montaño & Coors: Proposed site of Wal-Mart development.
  • Accepting a community group’s invite to stay for 2 weeks.
  • Tangentially: Occupy Rio Rancho

Camp Agreements

Some parts not as relevant without a camp. Ex: “We look after our personal belongings.”
What counts as on-site? “The public arena.”

“Camp agreements are a useful base for those new to the movement.”
“They’re not optimal, newcomers won’t know what 100% consensus or anti-oppression politics are.”
Suggested: More clearly defined policies for actions, camp, other events. GA agreed that the subject warrants more discussion at a larger Sunday GA.

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