Thursday Nov. 27th GA

[There was no report on the Gaza Vigil, because 75% of the GA was just there.]

Andy had a new article published in the Palestine Monitor on the medical situation in Gaza.

Friends Meeting: OWS/uOA Minute

This is in process. The Meeting understands the military connotations of occupation, but decolonization is a more complex set of issues to engage and will take time. Quakers care a lot about understanding and meaning exactly what they say.

Sunday: GAs at P&J

Discussion: Overall sense that P&J has been very welcoming, but we need to be mindful and not get too comfortable. We don’t want to be subsumed by it. (Stay radical!)

How are we doing on the costs?

Up to ~$50 pledged of $100.

Should we just use the bail fund money instead?

A few were indifferent/somewhat supportive of that option, but more were against. Concerns about the precedent it would set, desire to keep it earmarked for direct action. (See above.)


Need somebody to keep the key so we can get into P&J on Sundays. Summer already has one for FnB, Sean’s present very consistently. Caveat: punctuality…

[Informal agreement: Sean will pick up the key next week & make herculean efforts at punctuality; reconsider if it’s an issue.]


A contact person/phone number is also needed. We weren’t clear on whether it was a contact for internal P&J use: “y’all left the chairs all messy” or for a directory-ish thing. (or both!) That would affect the answer, so Tina will ask for clarification.

Thursday: Scheming & Scholarship

What should it be like?


Yes we should have them. Maybe a few topic ideas for each meeting, and then those present decide what to talk about.

A few ideas:

  • Collaboration & Follow-through
  • Coalitions & Solidarity (action-based vs. statement-based)
  • Defining decolonization
  • Class & Classism

Reading list for each meeting?

Nice idea, but impractical & unlikely to be followed. Perhaps have some facility for sharing stuff related to the previous week’s discussion. Ex: “Here’s that thing I was mentioning”

[Numerous wholly irresponsible & preposterous jokes that it will be a feudal meeting ruled by Sean.]

Radical Imagination/How to integrate it with discussions?

Ideas about how to address these issues will naturally follow from discussion about them, just be sure to nurture them.

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