Thursday Dec. 13th S&S

Upcoming Actions & Events

No one present was able to be at the march today [Note: ’twas rescheduled] nor assist Pam in moving her things so we had no updates of today’s events.

Loren brought a flier about the Albuquerque Homeless Persons’ Memorial Vigil:

Thursday Dec. 20th: Join communities across the nation as we gather to remember those who passed away this year who had experienced homelessness.
* 12pm – Gather at the Memorial Wall at Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (NW corner of Mountain & 1st).
* 1pm – Begin march through downtown to First United Methodist Church for Memorial Vigil at 2pm-3:30pm

Sunday Dec. 30th: Ellen has invited us to speak with the Unitarian Universalists at the Peace & Justice Center about our work at 11am and to have a potluck with them afterwards.

Sat/Sun Jan. 19th & 20th: Henry has organized a Street Medic Training 2 day training on at Encuentro (714 4th St NW). Also need volunteers for role playing.

Saturday Feb. 9th: Peter is planning the annual Leonard Peltier Clemency event. It will be at the P&J Center 5p-9:30p and (un)Occupy is supporting it. There will be speakers and a potluck. Volunteers requested.


Monday Dec. 24th: Last year we put up luminarias at Yale Park spelling out 99%. Is there interest this year for that or related ideas?

State Legislature actions

Starts Tuesday January 15th. We’re interested in the invitation from the NM Center on Law & Poverty to participate in a flash mob about Medicaid and put pressure on Gov. Martinez.

Are there other actions we want to be involved in or groups we want to partner with?
[Possible starting points for collaboration: farmers & GMOs, Somos & drivers licences, UNMH, education, environment.]

Sayrah is interested in finding out if ALEC has another dinner this year. She will contact people in Occupy Santa Fe to see if they know. She also shared that being in the coalition with CWA, Somos Un Pueblo Unidos, Occupy SF and Occupy Los Lunas, etc last year did not lead to a lot of effective actions on the opening day of the roundhouse. But the mic check of the governor and the ALEC action had more of an impact and the media impact went for months. She also doesn’t want to become lobbyists but wants to partner with groups who’ve been doing work around legislation—for example the drivers license for non-US residents or the Monsanto bill—rather than do something as lone wolves without working with people who know the issues.

(un)Occupy ABQ art exhibit

Loren would like to put together an art exhibit of his work and invite Lila, Sienna and other artists in (un)Occupy. Sayrah noticed the P&J Center had a photo exhibit and might be able to host an art exhibit. She would like to see an exhibit of the various protests signs and props of (un)Occupy ABQ as well as support Loren’s selling his artwork. Sean thinks we can contact Sue at P&J about an exhibit as well as an opening reception for it. Loren would like to have the art exhibit outdoors at UNM’s campus. Sean noted that the campus is bare during the winter break and Sayrah doesn’t want to do outdoor exhibits in cold or windy weather. Sayrah agreed to contact Lila to see if she’s interested and report back at Sunday’s GA.[Making photos a focus of the exhibit is undesirable, too static, but possibility of small photo of each sign in use.]

Training on handling violent situations

There was brief talk after Sunday’s GA about many people wanting more training on handling violent situations or situations when people are intoxicated or irrational. Some of the trainings we’ve attended in the past were not helpful. Maybe this is something we can do on the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Need to find trainers that can do this well.

Social get togethers

Sean noted that people have talked about wanting to do more social things, like watching a film together or getting together for potlucks, coffee, in each others’ homes, etc. [See also: Upcoming Dec. 30th Potluck]

Other Spaces

Sean wonders if there are better spaces to meet than the Frontier Rug Room… Also, what are they.

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