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Celebrate a year of resistance!

Saturday September 29th Action: Say No to War & Corporate Greed! Noon – Central at Tulane #### **Anniversary Assemblage: A Year of Resistance!** 4:30pm – 9pm? – [Yale Park (Central at Yale)]( [Facebook event page]( **How to help:** * Contact us at , or check the [planning doc]( * Spread the word. [These flyers might […]

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GA Notes 9/20

(Un)Occupy Abq General Assembly Minutes Sept. 20, 2012 Six people gathered at Yale Park (including John—welcome back!) The only agenda item was working on the 1st anniversary party, scheduled for Sat Sept 29th.   Advertising: A copy of the flyer, made by Tina, was reviewed and consensed on. Everyone liked the design. But we also want […]

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Trial for the first of Los Alamos 6- press release Update:  9/17/2012   Trial has been postponed. Date TBA.   Sept. 18 First “Los Alamos Six” Trial Posted by lajicarita ⋅ September 17, 2012 ⋅ Leave a Comment Filed Under  Bechtel Corporation, Catherine Euler, Judge Alan Kirk, Los Alamos Six Catherine “Wind” Euler. Photo by Kay Matthews Editor’s note: as the first of the “Los Alamos […]

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September 6th GA

12 people attended. The GA started in Yale Park and then moved to the UNM SUB so that people could participate in an action in support of Bradley Manning during the showing of the DNC convention speeches. Announcements: Sat Sept 8th, 2pm Demetria Martinez will read from her book at the National Hispanic Cultural Center: […]

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August 30th GA

(Note: Right before the GA, the APD were violent towards 2 people at Winning’s. Plainclothes cops wearing black balaclava masks showing only their eyes, drew pistols on 2 people sitting outside Winning’s. One cop put his pistol to the head of a man and the other threw down a woman on the sidewalk threatening to […]

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