GA Notes – Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011

GA Notes – Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011
Facilitator: Erica, Stacker: Derek, Note taker: Maria B.

Earl introduced himself as a first time attender.

Sayrah: Dr. Bruce Trigg From Physicians for _____and NM Protectins has endorsed (un) Occupy Albuquerque

Earl: Candidate for US Senate Valdez supports (un)Occupy Albuquerque. He may be asking for signatures for petition against corporate greed.

Michael: Has been videoing the teach-ins and has posted them on

Kiya: Action this Tuesday (Nov.15). Meet at the amphitheater at Bridge and Isleta at 5PM. We will walk to La Plazitas Institute at 831 Isleta. There is a gathering there at 6PM. Bring sage, tobacco, food and clothing.

Henry: As of 5PM last night Denver was evicted for the 3rd time, and an eviction was attempted in Portland. This only reinforces my own commitment to the movement.

Sebastian: Would like to offer a few days a week of high school General Assemblies. This is a steps toward school/worker strikes. Hopefully 10 students. Time to be announced. Please give his number to any youth who might like to participate.

Bill: This Thursday (Nov. 17) is an AFL-CIO National Day of Action. Move On and Occupy Wall Street are joined together against corporate greed. Albuquerque Move On has called an action at Yale Park. UPDATE: The action has been moved to 3 p.m. at the Paseo del Norte bridge – gather at the southern on/off ramps to I-25 from Paseo del Norte, NW.

Erica: Ben Hansen is working on a newsletter – he is looking for court dates stemming from Oct 25th arrests. Contact Ben to write something.

Erica: Sat. 11/19 Spike will be having a non-violence training and crowd control at Robinson Park at 11AM

___?___: Excited because there will be a General Assembly in her own neighborhood Thurs. 11/17 6-8PM Saw Mill Lofts

Cynthia: Taos has a cry for help. Police went to a bar, had all patrons take a breathalizer test, found 1 that blew higher than legal limit. Arrested bar staff. Taos is asking for support around this abuse of power by police.

Working Groups reports:

Sayrah: Meets every Wed. @ 6:30-7:30 at El Mezquite Market San Pedro and Central.
We would like some GA feedback on a proposed action Tues. Nov. 22nd at the courthouse where they are auctioning off houses. Our action would be a street theater of auctioning off people’s dreams and then march to a home that is being foreclosed/evicted. We are partnering with United South Broadway.
Auction off the courthouse itself
Teach-in on foreclosure is requested
Proposed action: CONSENSUS

Cynthia: Action for Dec. 3rd 12 noon meet at Alvarado Transportation Center march to Civic Plaza ending at Robinson Park for “No Genetically Engineered Chili.” She has been flyering downtown and talking to restaurants. Anyone who wants to have a table with food at Robinson Park can set it up at 11 – 11:30 there ahead of action. She is working on a Spanish translation of the flyer.

Hershe: We have forums now available linked to the working groups page on the website. Check them out –

Henry: We need medical supplies. Visit Facebook site named Burque Black Cross Medic Team for list of needs.

Report back from 11.11.11 Robinson Park gathering
Erica: Beautiful, new faces, good energy and feeling. Positive feedback, sign holding and lots of honking…clear that there is need for further education. Next time more talking with local businesses would be good ahead of time…Online feedback: Questions about encampment plans…”what happened to the “occupy” part?”

Henry: Java Joe’s is supportive but don’t count on direct support. SWOP is good with Robinson Park space.

Jenn: Was concerned with comments made by “Legalize Living” on facebook that said they felt that the event at Robinson Park was just a “party” and not concerned with issues of the 99%. She was concerned about the negative piggy backing.

Jenn: Our friend Loren was arrested around 11 AM at Robinson Park. To her knowledge he is still in jail for allegedly disrupting the peace. Question: Was there any solidarity given? Answer: No one saw it happen. What do we do? Santosh: We use the bail money collected and the bail support group will be activated.

Christian: The event was colorful, community based, poets, musicians. Great success, different aspects of the community was present- even the police who were present were positive.

Kiya: Was there follow up with new folks? Sign up sheet or other? She heard from friends that live nearby that trash was left behind. In the film industry they let neighborhood know plans ahead of time…we should have same policy.

AGENDA priortization:
• Nov. 17th National Day of Action- 10 mins.
• Strife/ Split- 30 mins.
• Encampment How+When+Where

Agenda Item 1 – Nov. 17th Action
UPDATE: The action has been moved to 3 p.m. at the Paseo del Norte bridge – gather at the southern on/off ramps to I-25 from Paseo del Norte, NW.

Erika: Move On has already called for members to arrive here at Yale Park 4:30 PM. Question: What are they going to be doing?

Elaine: read e-mail – deficit reductions are what congress and the Super Committee are about not creating jobs, they want to protect the 1% not the 99%. They will hold events at places where cuts are proposed.

Bill: I propose that (un) occupy Albuquerque fully endorse this event. Union organizations will show up- we should “own” this event along with Occupy Wall St.

Sayrah: We need to contact AFL_CIO and Move On to coordinate.

Sebastian: Thursday we will be in the same place at the same time. How do we approach this? What is our message? We need to articulate our approach to this National Day of Action.

__?__: Is it an event or follow-up?

Laura: What is our event message? Who is our liaison?

Erica: Should we come earlier than 4:30 PM? We need to get a facebook event page and media.

Caro: I will be liason. Elaine and Erika as well.

Henry: That is the same date as my court date.

Proposal: (un)Occupy Albqueque endorses the AFL-CIO Nov. 17 action.

Hershe: Can we agree to be in “solidarity” with it instead of “endorsing” it? Endorsing has too much of an institutional/organizational ring to it.

We are in solidarity with AFL-CIO Nov. 17 action. CONSENSUS

Sebastian: Tuesday is an Action Working Group meeting. Let’s make signs for the action then.

Agenda Item 2 – Strife/Split
Jason (red sweatshirt): I grew up dirt poor. I fought with my cousins. We are here to do the work. We are still family even if we fight.

Ray: We’ve had personal agendas we are supposed to be an agenda-less movement. We need to steer away from pitfalls. Powers want us to split apart. We need awareness of what we are doing. When race was brought up we lost many people. It was divisive. We need to stay together.

Hershe: I agree with Ray – we are stronger together. But race did not divide us – race is not separate from corporate greed and Wall Street. It was disregard of our consensus/group process and mistrust that divided us. We were unified in the process. We had 85 people at that GA in early Oct. and 76 of us wanted to change the name. We were cohesive and it was beautiful. Consensus and our group process is our salvation. People need to tell the truth about what’s happened to the process.

Michael: Many here support both (un)Occupy and Occupy. Friday’s event showed solidarity from both groups. There were more than 100 folks present at the 11.11.11 event. Occupy Albuquerque will continue to make moves. We want to know how Occupy Albuquerque and (un)Occupy Albuquerque will work together.

Amalia: Clarify: Are there 2 groups?

Peter: (Direct response) At the Nov. 4th GA, 11.11.11. Occupy Albuquerque announced that they were an affinity group.

Andy: Michael referred to (un)Occupy as a small group. I have been here the whole time. That is not true.

Henry: (Direct response) The name change did come to consensus but the people who didn’t want the name change stood aside under duress.

Enrique: I am not able to be here often but I trust that these things are done with my interests represented. When we first started the name was Occupy Burque and it got changed to Albuquerque because some people wanted it that way. I preferred Burque because of my cultural understanding of Albuquerque, but I went with the group.

Cynthia: I have been here about a month. There are good hearted, intelligent people on both sides. This name thing has divided us. I hope that by the time of the Chili event we will be more united. This needs to be settled before more big events happen.

Ray: The name change was blocked. There was not consensus.

Santhosh: The discussion was deferred 2 weeks and everyone had plenty of time to know the name change meeting was taking place. We had one block – Michael and he became a stand aside. We had consensus on the name change.

Laura: Don’t be fooled, people, the 99% is just as split as we are. We are trying to work out these differences. Albuquerque can be a consciousness changing entity. When we consensed to change our name it was one of the BEST decisions ever done here. Folks who didn’t like it are re-grouping and trying to change consensus. A group of white people are trying to take over.

Emotional reactions/CHAOS ensue

Enrique: There is a lot of truth in having to face this hard stuff. How do we deal as a group when we hit bumps as a group. We need to face it together. We all deal with these things : Classism, homophobia, sexism, racism. If we don’t deal with it, we will not move on.

Kiya: Being present in this takes courage. Issues of privilege come to us with or without our choice – on many levels. There have been 500 years of struggle. It takes courage to confront the power dynamics in this country. We must unlearn this stuff. If you get triggered/challenged – self check. There is much to learn from these feelings.

Summer: The name change is perhaps THE most important change to happen. Our community is confronting big issues. We are making alliances.

Derek: It can be very hard to confront white supremacy. Ownership is a European idea. Everyday I must work on being an ally- everyday I must check my privilege. In our very first GA we decided on 100% consensus and anti-oppression politics. I need to know if there are two groups, I need clarity on this. Michael was a stand aside in the name change consensus. If there was duress then at any point the folks who didn’t want the name change could have brought it up again. Are there two groups?

Erica: Not intended to be 2 groups – 1 group was not totally on board, they felt excluded, and weren’t feeling the solidarity.

Racelle: I am new here. I come from a biracial family – Black and White and have struggled with oppression and privilege all my life. I’ve had many incidents of being oppressed here and then when I traveled outside of the US I felt the privilege of being American. I am from NYC and I’m not used to many Native folks. I need to educate myself about Native issues. We have to find common goals. I would like to hear why (un)Occupy was chosen. I think the 2 groups should pick representatives and hash it out.

Paula: I have been observing, not participating in these conversations. And I have been hearing both sides. When I heard about the changing the name to (un)Occupy, I thought what a great compromise – it had “occupy” for those who wanted the NYC connection, but it honored the concerns about colonization. I was at Occupy Baltimore last week and carried a sign that said (un)Occupy Albuquerque and I received compliments.

Paul: I’ve been to a few of these events. I have been unaware of these divides. We are very young. This is counter productive.

Sayrah: The media has responded well to (un)Occupy Albuquerque. I need to hear from the occupy group – are you doing things outside of this GA? I need to hear more about your feelings of exclusion.

Bill: This is about institutionalized racism, not personal racism. Capitalism is both a racist and classist system – not one over the other. We cannot separate them. My goal is to overturn the whole system. Mortgage brokers target all working class folks including white folks but Black and Latino are historically targeted more. Keep the institutional analysis. Talk is limiting, but action is where we learn these things. Neighborhoods have been redlined – targeted by racist institutions. People in those institutions are exploiting their white privilege.

Amalia: Sayrah is right if there is an Occupy group, call it out but I also want to stand with Laura in that it’s about whiteness. Some were unhappy with the name change – it didn’t work for them, I get that. But now they are not working with process. Folks walked away. This is about trust. Even now when I see these people, I want to be connected. If that means that we have two different groups, okay. If that group wants to have 90% consensus instead of 100%, that’s okay.

Caro: The truth is we are not separate. We are connected. We are one body even it part of us is injured. Even with a broken leg, we must learn to walk. We must do this work together. When trust is made, when medicine is laid down, the break is a colonist act. It is a colonist act to make back door deals. I urge us to work on our stuff. If we cannot make change here in our group, how can we do it out in the world?

Jason (red sweatshirt): Get over our racism, people say. We all want to create something but not all of us will agree. I am not afraid of White people or police. We want the banker’s heads not each others’. This is petty.

Jason (not red sweatshirt): This movement is about action and solidarity for a better future. We must not make judgment calls about individuals.

Henry: The issue is with name “occupy.” That’s what has caused this schism. There is an Occupy Belfast event even though it is occupied by the British. And Occupy Palestine. The word has other connotations, so why the stigma? Can’t we reclaim it?

Time check- go 20-30 more minutes. 1 stand aside, no blocks. CONSENSUS to continue the discussion.

Andy: Institutional racism is the focus. I’m disappointed to see my White brothers and sisters flip out at the mention of White privilege. A great example of how to discuss these issues is immigration policy. They make undocumented folks into brown slaves for corporations. Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law was written by a consortium of the prison industry to fill prisons with brown people. We need to learn about and stand against institutional racism. The places that race/class/privilege intersect are where we need to focus. My White brothers and sisters need to admit that you have been on the receiving end of White privilege. We need to formalize that there are two groups or hear everyone agree that we are unified under one name.

Liza: To say that race shouldn’t be an issue and the movement should be about action – is a good sentiment and I’m sure, said with good intention but the point is to get educated about why social movements that do not deeply address racism/sexism/classism have not been successful. The voices of those at the bottom need to be at the center of the struggle.

Hershe: If we are going to all work together, we need to be committed to this PROCESS. If we are going to move forward, we need to be upfront, honest, and clear about what has happened.

Michael: Twice I have been pointed out and called a racist and I’m not even White. My family is Sicilian, I grew up on welfare, and I was in prison. My family was oppressed for 30 years. I would agree that the Occupy group is white. I have been persecuted, called racist, excluded, kicked out of the media group – I come here as an Occupy and (un)Occupy supporter.

Peter: I am White and I am Sicilian. I understand where you’re coming from Michael, Sicilians have been oppressed, but when we check the box, we are White. The occupy group has not held to the process. I have not heard anyone called a racist.

Dawn: I am Scottish/Irish/Breton- we have been oppressed forever. I understand both positive and negative aspects of the word. There has been a division. My facebook page was not acceptable to some- this problem has been worked on. This is the first time for some of us to come together. I felt trust issues, too. I felt excluded. I was called a racist. We cannot disregard our grievances we are doing this work together right now. Even occupy/(un)occupy groups might just be okay. This a development. We can have different voices and show our actions are together. I have felt the brunt of negativity- but also some positivity, too.

Earl: This movement involves many views- there must be a point where we all come together. Warning – the powers that be benefit from this group splintering.

Cynthia: It feels like we are being judged by the color of our skin. My father is Cuban, my mother is a blonde orphan and heroin addict. You see me as a woman with privilege. In 1993 in Alabama, a Black man was treated like a slave by the owners of a Flea Market. Are we saying that NM has been more oppressed? There are many people who have been oppressed.

Elaine: The consensus process is our greatest thing. Without it we have nothing. We must honor it. Even if we are not in agreement, we must honor the process. We must honor that we are bringing our best. We cannot split. NM has the highest percent of the 1% living here! We are 49th in the nation for Education + Poverty. Colonization is not history, it is current- as homes are taken from Latinos and other people of color. Homeless folks here at Yale Park have been majority Native. Yes we are leading the way on this issue by the name change. Don’t separate.


1. Andy: Temperature Read: Straw poll every GA this week- keep track of which name (un)Occupy or Occupy each individual wants and report the results at the GA next Sunday.

2. Hershe: We all operate under (un)Occupy Albuquerque and dismantle all other names, web and facebooks. Start a new (un)Occupy facebook.

3. Ray: We have as many names and as many websites as we want.

4. Michael: (un)Occupy Albuquerque should fall under Occupy Albuquerque as a working group because they are acting outside of solidarity.

5. Erika + Cynthia’s proposals united into one:
We have two separate groups, but one GA. We do actions together and have a Cooperative Action and Solidarity Organization Group to solve issues of multiple websites, planning, URL’s.

6. Santhosh: If we have 2 groups then I propose we go to Decolonize Albuquerque.

7. Amalia: Two separate groups with two separate GAs. Try to work together on actions and review the system in 1 month.

Straw Polls were taken on the seven proposals and three emerge as keepers to be posted and thought about for consensus on Sunday, Nov. 20th at 12:30PM

1. Have only (un)Occupy Albuquerque – dismantle all other names, websites, and facebook pages. Start a new (un)Occupy facebook page.
2. Two separate groups, one GA- do actions together and have a Cooperative Action and Solidarity Organization group to solve issues of multiple websites, planning, URLs, etc.
3. Two separate groups, two separate GA’s and try to work together on actions. To be reviewed in 1 month.

Ray: The two groups are dug in. It’s okay but problematic. Need to have working group- trust has been broken. How can we move forward to bring group together?

Kiya: Philadelphia too has problems – we need a working group to talk about White privilege. We need a White Allies group. This is a lifetime of work. We could use a fishbowl model where in an inner circle, some speak about their experiences others witness from the outer circle. It is the beauty of the intersection of privilege and oppression and we learn about each other. We should break into small groups.

Derrick: We should take a few days to get the word out about these proposals – wait a few days. This conversation (Strife/split) was mentioned 4 days ago on Wed. past.

Hershe: Our process is Direct Democracy and that means that we have to be here for the process. It is our responsibility to show up here with one another.

Raceal: This has already been voted on thee times. This is just a way to keep from doing actions – just voting on semantics. What difference does a vote make, if people want to act outside consensus, they will.

CLARIFICATION: This (separate groups) has not been voted on before.

Santhosh: Even if we have consensus it will be brought back as not consensus. There is no group solidarity. [something about whiteness]

Michael: (to Santhosh) “Fuck you!”
Chaos ensues. Michael leaves the group.

Summer: It is very hard to be at GAs.

Elaine: Let’s take the week to discuss the proposals.

Cynthia: It will give us time to make informed comments.

Hershe: If we are not going to consider consensus on these proposals today, when are we? Our GAs this week are tomorrow, Thursday or Friday.

Dawn: Many folks online cannot come, some are disabled, and are not able to voice their concerns at GA. We need a way to include them.

Cisco: If these folks are not able to attend it is not our responsibility to bring their concerns forward.

Amalia: We have spent three Sundays – 4-6 hours at a time. Those of us here hold the concerns of others in our hearts when consensus is made.

Agreement to consider consensu on the proposals at next Sunday’s GA – Nov. 20th at 12:30

GA end.

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  1. Joseph Edwards VIII November 15, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    Thank you for posting these minutes. I have read them, and find the entire scene entirely upsetting. Proposal 1 to dismantle affects me individually, and I will not submit myself to the GA for racial inspection and public humiliation so the gift I made for the movement can be dismantled or brought into conformity. Nor will the individuals who have the URLs in question. I have nothing more to say on the subject. I have homework to do.

  2. Guy A Watson November 15, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    An alternative to the Sunday GA discussion. A REAL VOTE!
    The GA is not a “governing body”. If there is no leader then there is no governing body. The GA is a forum for discussion and consensus (sort of) but no consensus has been possible.It cannot make laws regarding individual actions or individual intellectual or digital property. (FB/web sites). I suggest we arrange for a large indoor space (maybe a union or a UNM space or a an empty building ) and announce a meeting of anyone interested in Occupy Wall Street to show up. Announce it in Craigslist, Alibi, on the FB sites and web sites. Put up posters on campus and around the university area. Hold the meeting on Saturday from 12 to 4pm. NO GA. No blocking. No minority control. Pick a person who is not in either camp to manage the vote and have a vote on the name. Just the name. The GA idea is great if it is played fairly but it has been dominated by a small clique of people. This is supposed to be an inclusive, informal group in solidarity with OWS. The only way to get this back to it’s roots is to have an open, transparent elelction. The vote would be the only major issue. Occupy or Un Occupy. No debate. This has been debated ad nauseum for almost a month.No decisions will be made about the current web and FB sites. If the turn out is large my guess is the group will pick the Occupy name and then maybe we can move on. If a small group wants to stay with the “UN” after the vote the only request would be to refrain from posting “un” info on Occupy sites or posting further debate on the name on Occupy sites. I will be glad to kick in some bucks if the issues is food or rent costs (max. $50.00). If this seems at all reasonable the Sunday GA is to be avoided in favor of a the larger meeting. There is no rush. Say two weeks of advertising should do the job.If this is of interest to anyone let me know. I am obviously biased toward one name but will gladly accept the vote. I will also work with any others who are interested in finding a space.—Contact:

  3. Trigg November 15, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    As mentioned in the minutes of the GA on Sunday:
    The NM Network of Health Professionals for a National Health Program (NHP Squared) is the New Mexico Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP). We have put out the following statement in support of (un)Occupy Albquerque. Below is the full statement. These movements for healthcare justice and for economic and social justice are one and the same. I look forward to our continuing to work together on behalf of the 99%. Dr. Bruce Trigg(

    NM Network of Health Professionals for a National Health Program (NHP Squared) supports (Un)Occupy Albuquerque and Occupy Wall Street because we want
    our patients to be healthy.

    We support UOA/OWS because the private health insurance industry exemplifies the central complaint of the OWS movement: unchecked corporate greed threatens human needs.

    We support UOA/OWS because economic and social inequalities make our patients sick.

    We support UOA/OWS because we’re tired of being ashamed when we have to treat our patients differently based on the types of insurance they have and what kinds of treatments they can “afford.”

    We support UOA/OWS because we believe in facts and evidence, and facts and evidence show us that a profit-driven health insurance industry is unhealthy for everyone except for CEOs and stockholders of those companies.

    We support UOA/OWS because most of our legislators, held hostage by corporate money, consistently refuse to pass health policies that save lives and money, like single-payer legislation.

    We support UOA/OWS because the health care economy—like the overall economy—has more than sufficient resources to take care of everyone, but everyone is not taken care of due to the unfair siphoning of resources by profit-driven corporations.

    We support UOA/OWS because a single-payer/Medicare For All health system is one step towards addressing the persistent health disparities and inequities that impact people of color and the poor.

    We support UOA/OWS because we are committed to “do no harm,” and our corrupt political and economic systems are doing all of us harm.

    We support UOA/OWS because we are hopeful that we can change our society.

    (contact NHP Squared:
    modified from statement of the PNHP N.Y. Metro chapter

  4. Luther Blissett November 16, 2011 at 4:51 am #

    The spectacle is permanent. Now we have f-bombs and physical posturing? Why is the GA allowing itself to be bullied by the same half dozen weirdos opposed to the name change?

  5. Joseph Edwards VIII November 16, 2011 at 6:00 am #

    Why can’t you see how deeply hurtful the accusations of “whiteness” and “white privilege” and racism are, when directed at people who are FAR FAR from racist (I wouldn’t even speak to them if that were the case.) I can understand perfectly why Michael dropped the F-bomb. And you know what? I would have said the same thing. You want to be correct when you make that accusation, and I can tell you right now that the Occupy group is roughly representative of the NM population: roughly 1/2 white, and the rest not. Does that really matter? Has anyone bugged out because we only have one transgender person? Or no Asian people? What about us atheists who are more unpopular than Muslims in hunting vests? Does the oppression that we’ve experienced mean nothing to you because you’re so wrapped up in being the biggest victim? Who’s the bully when dozens of people are humiliated and harangued by bitter, nasty little spiteful punks? I’m with Mike. I don’t take bullying well.

  6. Luther Blissett November 16, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    While you “dozens” (more like 5) are whining, I’m organizing. 50 strong within one week, and building a vanguard. Stick with the name game. You are not needed. Small man, big mouth.

  7. Luther Blissett November 16, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    Joseph, you don’t even live in ABQ. What’s the deal? A little agit-prop on your freetime? This opposition to the name change doesn’t even exist.

    • Joseph Edwards VIII November 17, 2011 at 1:04 am #

      Wow. You are a truly sad scary f’d up little liar, aren’t you, Luther? You don’t know me. You don’t know where I live. Talk about a big mouth, internet tough-guy. It’s not as easy to intimidate people when you can’t physically loom over them, is it? Does it frustrate the hell out of you that you can’t get your hands around my scrawny little neck? Is that it? News for you: not gonna happen.

      • Luther Blissett November 17, 2011 at 2:15 am #

        You’re an awful comic book hack in Taos with nothing better to do but agitate strangers with a phantom insurrection. The fact that you read a physical threat within my comments proves that you’re a hysterical little dweeb. You’d probably feel violated by a stiff breeze.

        • Joseph Edwards VIII November 17, 2011 at 2:32 am #

          Heheheheh…. You must fancy yourself a researcher. Did you google that yourself?

          Too bad your information’s wrong.

          • hershe November 17, 2011 at 4:29 am #

            Gentle reminder: We agreed to be positive and proactive and to respect the land and each other – please be mindful of this as you relate to each other and all of us on this website.

  8. rabbit1 November 17, 2011 at 12:12 am #

    Occupy / (un)Occupy

    I’m writing this document in order to render personal to the GA here in Albuquerque. Although some points of this document seem harsh, but the purpose is not to drive people further apart but together.

    My very first time out to camp coyote was Monday November 7th. When I encountered my first group, I listened in on their conversation about naming the movement. They expressed the fact that the land that makes up the USA was taken before we got here, and we took it from the natives. they stated that here in New Mexico, they want to make changes for the better that as minorities (they feel) have not been rightfully given to them. They expressed the fact that in many parts of the world both past and present when an occupation was talking place, it never had a positive connotation to it. Finally, they expressed the power of names of being symbols of meaning.

    I was completely fascinated by these thoughts and the reasoning behind wanting to change the name. They were very well thought out reasons to want to change the name of a movement. I got to thinking about what this movement meant to me. This document is the answers I’ve come up with for myself, and I hope that it helps others make a decision as well. That said, I firmly believe that in order to render a point, it is important to understand the emotions behind point, so first I will give background on myself.

    I am a transgendered woman. That is to say I have the body of a male but mentally identify as a female. When I tried to outwardly express it, I was openly and publicly mocked. I don’t express myself as I feel I should anymore because of the treatment I have received in the past and as I’m technically homeless, being different doesn’t exactly open up employment/living opportunities. In the past few years I haven’t had a real lasting job and have been living from couch to couch (A sad tale yes, but my point here isn’t to inspire pity, it’s to deliver point of view).

    Thinking about the Native Americans, I’m in total agreement. We have wronged them. Now that society has evolved further and we have become a more logical people, I do feel that we should find a way to make it up to them. I personally know how it is to be discriminated against. I personally know what it’s like living as so long as other people allow it. My question here is what can we do to make up for it? We are in debt up to our eyeballs so paying is out of the question.

    This corrupt system isn’t just affecting the US either. These protests are on a global scale. There are large groups of people of every color, race, and religion out there seeking the same changes we are. Nobody will be left out because these decisions are not only going to affect only us. The GA’s are not a place where discrimination can happen; such is the purpose of direct democracy. Transparency.

    I believe that this movement isn’t something to be done in good spirit (and I do not mean violence when I say this). It’s recognizing that the system that governs our lives is fucked up. We believe that instead of going through official government procedure, it would be more effective to protest in civil disobedience. That’s where we are now, and that’s why I believe that this protest in itself is a symbol to show that times are bad now. Despite the art, music, and performances the reason we gather together is because we ALL feel oppressed. (With just cause)

    This movement was, at its source, called occupy Wall Street. As more people were inspired by this movement, more sprouted up in other cities. They named themselves as occupy and their town name. An entire network has sprouted of many like minded people using today’s social media’s as a forum to keep in touch with and support one another. The very name of “occupy” is something that has become a symbol in its own right. It’s the strength and solidarity that they have come to be proud of.

    With the above said, I feel that keeping the name “occupy” is the proper choice of action, and is my proposal to the GA. It’s a name that has already been given nationwide recognition and power and having “(un)” in front of ours looks like we directly oppose a network of people ready to help us achieve our overall goals (Isn’t one of the camp rules that we consider how we are viewed by the rest of the world?). I’m also as different as people come, and instead of using this gathering of people as a platform to address transgender suffrage, I recognize that there are bigger problems affecting more people of every race to be solved, and the sooner this is done the better.

  9. Joseph Edwards VIII November 17, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    Oh, yeah… And at least I have the courage to use my real name. Fear and hysteria are not my emotions. You are the coward, “Luther” hiding behind the pseudonym. Not me.

    • Luther Blissett November 17, 2011 at 3:53 am #

      We have met, Joseph. But I would recognize your screed anywhere. Now go back into your mother’s basement
      and leave the nice people alone.

      • Joseph Edwards VIII November 17, 2011 at 5:15 am #

        Oh this is getting interesting. So you know who I am, but I don’t get to know who you are, “Luther”? Are you such a coward? And I didn’t realize I had a screed. That’s pretty cool. As for my mother’s basement… I don’t live there. Who are you? Either reveal your identity or fuck the fuck off.

        • hershe November 17, 2011 at 5:38 am #

          Gentle reminder: We agreed to be positive and proactive and to respect the land and each other – please be mindful of this as you relate to each other and all of us on this website.

    • rabbit1 November 17, 2011 at 5:17 am #

      joseph, if i can make a suggestion. its clear he was the one who started this. but continuing only takes you to his level. let him look like the bad guy and carry on with more important things

      • Joseph Edwards VIII November 17, 2011 at 5:47 am #

        Normally, I strictly adhere to Rule #14 of the Internet: Don’t feed the trolls. But this person seems to know who I am, and clearly has a low opinion of me. I’d like to know who and why? I’m no anon… I have nothing to hide, and I think using my real identity communicates my openness and determination to not let fear rule my life. Facebook is the exception. I won’t put my name or face in that spy-machine. Now I’m being attacked by all kinds of people for being a racist — all as a great big “Fuck You.” At first it was a distraction. Now it’s a point of pride. No, I’m not the nicest guy on the planet, and I’m not about to justify my existence to anyone, anywhere, period. I wanted to contribute, and I did. Now the site has more than 70 members and a growing number of active forums and streams. It links to this site, and a number of other sites, and it provides a way to communicate besides the comments section under the 11/15 GA minutes. It was a present. It literally said, on the front page, “This is my gift to the Occupy Burque movement,” which should tell you when I made it. Then David & Michelle had the URL and pointed at the site, and it took off almost overnight. Not a huge membership, but hundreds of hits a day. Why am I even defending myself?

        Want taken down? Do it yourself. I won’t be party to censorship.

        • rabbit1 November 18, 2011 at 12:56 am #

          i for one would like to thank you for your site. you know i use it. and i will continue to use it should you feel the need to still host it.

          but id like you to consider for a moment the repercussions of having this kind of argument on this site. it started off as an argument about the happenings of sunday. and now its devolved to direct attacks. you are only looking the defendant look more oppressed and generating more support for his cause. i know that its not what your arguing about now but thats how it started… i know and can understand your point of view well enough… people here on this site may not. so it is with the utmost respect i ask that we tactically end this argument.

  10. Relleno November 17, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    Santhosh has said some rather shitty things to students in the past I have had him as a teacher twice and a couple times he told students that they didn’t know what they were talking about because they were white. Rather awful teacher. I think someone should ask him to keep those comments to himself, I know he doesn’t intend for it to read this way, but it makes him into an unaware instigator, as he did in class frequently too. Just thought I should throw that out there.

    • Relleno November 17, 2011 at 2:58 am #

      He would puke at the way I wrote that. ^

      • amaliam November 21, 2011 at 12:34 am #

        I find it very offensive that you would ” just throw that out there” about anyone. It looks to me like you said some rather shitty things just now. Please let us all be more thoughtful and positive in our comments. From what I know of Santhosh he is hard working and committed.

  11. Joseph Edwards VIII November 17, 2011 at 8:06 am #

    What sign of good faith can we make on the site to show we are sensitive to the issue of racism, without actually changing the name of the site?

  12. amaliam November 18, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Hi all I will be clear that (Un)Occupy is the name that I believe in and will be happy to speak to that at a later date. Right now I would like to encourage folks to really think about how we are speaking to each other. The Facebooks that have been set up seem to be full of really unkind comments. I have been sick the last few days and have had a chance to look at these sites and am saddened by the harsh words and personal attacks. I read one comment that told Dawn to go to her room, REALLY people! Dawn and I have different view points but really people! Please do not bring that energy here as well.

  13. amaliam November 18, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    Hi everyone, I want to start by thanking everyone for there hard work. I know it is hard to keep going to actions and GA as the weather gets colder.

    I would like to speak to the name (Un)Occupy if you will allow me. There was to the best of my knowledge no new group formed to become (Un)Occupy. In two very long but beautiful GA’s we changed our name to (Un) Occupy. The change honored the land that we stand on here in NM, surrounded by 19 pueblos and being part of one of the largest indigenous held land bases in the US. (Un)Occupy was more than just the acknowlegment that we are standing on already occupied land. It says we here in Burque have shared leadership between people of color and our white allies. We will live the world we envision from the start, not be satisfied with just a statement of solidarity or ask our folk of color to just have a tent over there somewhere or be a working group, no we will have shared power.

    Some folks were unable to work inside that consensus. Things were and are being done and said that dishonor that process. A lot of folks were at the GA last Sunday and we all presented our views. Out of that came proposals for us to consense on this Sunday, yet again words are being taken out of context in what seems like a need to stir up bad feelings and keep the fire going that those same people say they want get over and get along.

    Putting a proposal on the table is in no way telling people what they can and cannot do. I know very little about the internet. I only speak for myself when I say I do not believe this movement will take place on the internet, it may be recorded there but that is not where it happens. If what I am told is true that you own a name on the internet and no one can take it from you then why all the fuss? I haven’t heard the GA tell anyone they have to hand it over. That kind of ask would have to be consensed on and surly you would block it. I think I would even have sense enough to block a demand that someone hand something over! Although I must say I am confused about someone gifting something and then saying it belongs to them. If it was gifted and you want it back I think it should be given back.

    What happens the next time something is consensed on in the GA that the same folk don’t like? Will we be wasting everyone’s time like this again? So much of this has to do with power and who has it. This is what worries me most, if we are unwilling to acknowledge those most effected by corporate greed, then is the plan for some folk a little higher up in the 99% to get what they want, some crumb that this government throws at them and then dump the rest of us? We bring back the middle class and perpetuate the same old same old. I believe better of us here in Burque.
    I would ask folks to honor the name (Un) Occupy and the process that it was brought out of and lets do more actions. Occupy Wall Street has in no way stated any issue with the name but in fact has been interested in the process of how we got here and where we, (Un)Occupy, are going from here. We are stepping off the main path and forging a new one.
    We of (un)Occupy have the dream of shared power in solidarity and have the audacity to act upon it.

  14. rabbit1 November 19, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    … this is a self defeating loop. we are protesting that the system that governs our life’s is wrong. we are saying we dont have a say in politics. that choice are being made that for one reason or another cant be changed. now that its happening to our group of course we will redress something if a ga consensed upon something in the past that we no longer agree with now. i do want an end to this conflict be telling people to just go with i believe is against the very nature of this protest.

  15. Kenneth Grant November 20, 2011 at 1:40 am #

    Proposal 3, reported as one of the “keepers” in the Albuquerque GA notes for November 13, 2011, reads “Two separate groups, two separate GA’s and try to work together on actions. To be reviewed in 1 month.” The new Proposal 3 as written on the (un)Occupy Albuquerque webpage titled “Sunday, November 20, 2011 (tomorrow’s) General Assembly” reads “Two separate groups ((un)Occupy Albuquerque and Occupy Albuquerque) will operate independently of one another”. This changes a proposal for a trial separation into a proposal for a divorce.

    What is up with this?

    • hershe November 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

      Thanks for the clarification!

  16. MSmith November 21, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    If you cannot agree on a name or an organizational structure, un Occupay will fail. The above comments are evidence of this. This movement has no leadership, no direction, no clear message, and will not benefit our society due to these facts.

    Get off of the streets and find something useful to do with you life, such as working or volunteering.

  17. MSmith November 21, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    The above is my opinion. Post it, if you truely believe in your movement.