JUNE 15th International Day of Solidarity with National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras

COPINHStand with COPINH at the Honduran Embassies across the world. Since we have no embassy here in Albuquerque we wish to have a call in to our congressional members to make them aware of the demands from COPINH: the US State Department pressure the Honduran government to allow for an independent investigation into the murder of Berta Cáceres, led by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and an immediate end to US military training and military aid to Honduras, this includes an immediate stop to all US AID to Honduras and the immediate stop to the dam project : Agua Zarca. This action is in collaboration with Con Mujeres/SWOP-
MEET UP at the corner of Menaul and Louisiana 5PM Wednesday June 15th– bring signs and banners.

Here is the flyer:



We are asking people to call our congress people: Here is a script to use:

Call our Elected Officials Demanding Justice for Berta

Rep Lujan-Grisham: 505-346-6791
Sen Udall: 505-346-6791
Sen Heinrich: 505-346-6601

“I am a New Mexico resident and your constituent. I am calling because I am concerned about the US role in Honduras especially in light of the death of Berta Caceres, the indigenous leader in Honduras who was murdered this spring. Berta lived in Albuquerque for a few months and was well connected here.

I have been in contact with her organization COPINH and we want an independent international investigation into her death. We also want ALL aid from the US to Honduras to stop. We are profoundly concerned that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered with DESA’s Social Investment Programming through the MERCADO project, linking US taxpayer dollars to the repression and violence against Berta’s group COPINH.

We strongly condemn the role of Los TIGRES, a Honduran specialized police unit, which is funded and vetted by the United States, in defending the private interests of DESA. The human rights abuses in Honduras are massive so all US aid needs to stop.

I would like a response from my Congressperson. Do you know where s/he stands on this issue?

(The aide will ask you for your contact info. By pushing them for a response from the Congress member, it means they have to take the time to actually craft a response and assign a staff person to research this)

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