Solidarity with RAMPS Sept. 9, 2013

Dear friends,

Today there were 6 of us from (un)Occupy Albuquerque and Students for Justice in Palestine who met outside the offices of UBS at their building near Coronado Mall. We were there to deliver a letter in solidarity with folks in Appalachia who are fighting the horrible practice of mountain top removal. After having a skype video teach-in, we agreed to take a letter asking that UBS cease their financial backing for Arch Coal, Patriot Coal, and James River Coal Company.
After we took up our signs and took some photos we agreed that bringing the banjo along would be a great way to accompany our voices as we looked for the person in charge. As luck would have it, we found their offices on the 3rd floor and walked right in. As we stood wondering which way to go we heard voices in one direction and then saw Mr. Chiffani’s office right in front of us. We walked right in to find him seated at his desk. We explained that we were there to ask UBS to stop financing the destruction of mountains in Appalachia. Also that the folks most affected by this destruction are the poor and most vulnerable people and that we were there to ask UBS to stop harming the environment by these mining practices. We asked them to finance renewable energy jobs, jobs that would benefit and sustain future generations. We said that as New Mexicans we understand how important clean water is and that these mining practices threaten the headwaters that people rely on.
We asked if we could take a photo with him to which he agreed. We left by way of the elevator again and when we reached the lobby we decided to take another photo. As we posed, the security guard appeared, asked us if we had permission to be there and then said we needed to leave. We waved good-bye and stood outside with our signs for a few more minutes.
Photos, video and audio will be posted soon. Check our website to see it.
Maria B.

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