Health Fair WG – Final Planning

Dear friends,
The Medicine for the People by the People working group met this weekend and again today and accomplished some good organizing….we are feeling good about the amazing response we have had from healers and providers.

We have a schedule for Sat. April 27th:
9AM arrive to help prepare the space, set up the kitchen, move furniture, get practitioners situated and help volunteers to understand what is needed
11:45 ceremony to open the event by Kalpulli Izkalli
12:00 begin signing in people
6:00 clean up

Amalia, Summer, Maria and Mollie from P&J will pick up food on Thursday AM and again on Sat. AM. We will deliver to Endorphin Power Co. on Sat AM. We are asking if folks have any time on Friday that they call Monica to coordinate cleaning activities during the day on Friday. Also food deliveries can be made on that day as well if you have stuff to drop off but can’t come on Sat. Santosh and hopefully others can come on Friday evening from 5-7PM for cleaning and furniture moving if you can’t make it during the day on Friday.

Tina will be going to COSTCO for some shopping items this week…she says she will see what the bill comes to and let the group know how we can share the expense.

We are asking for help in sign making on Thursday 6:30 PM at Yale Park.

If you have any children’s arts and crafts supplies, please consider sharing for the afternoon. We have volunteers set up for shifts:
12-2  Dahazi
2-4  Kate (maybe Camilo too)
4-6  Charmaine

Please bring some food to share: salad, fruit, vegetables or protein, enough for 8-10 people. Trying to keep it healthy and nutritious. Daniel has agreed to keep the kitchen moving again this year….volunteers will of course be needed.

If anyone has any shade/tents this would be very nice to have, it could be very sunny and shade coverings could be really useful. Please contact us and let us know.


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