Sunday Jan. 13th GA


  • 3pm Anti-capitalist group meeting, after GA
  • MLK parade (Jan. 20, 2013)
  • Leonard Peltier event (Feb. 9)


  • Albuquerque friends meeting approves minute about the language of #OWS and its revision by (un)Occupy Albuquerque; Sean will post this on the website; Send it to ANSWER and to P&J Center.
  • Families United for Education: APS school board candidates forum.
  • LANL 6 updates: Courtroom was packed. There was good coordination among the defendants. There are some options on the table and more updates to come soon.


  • (un)Occupy Albuquerque endorses Students for Justice in Palestine sponsored talk by Omar Bhargouti.
  • MLK Day Parade. ANSWER is working with families of people slain by APD. It will have a float to spread awareness about APD brutality. Sign-making at Mike’s party.
  • Vecinos United to have a sit-in at the Mayor’s office on Jan. 23 at 3pm calling for resignation of APD chief Schultz.
  • Mike has been accepted for the Catalyst Project’s anti-racism training program for white people. He is having a birthday party on Jan. 19, 7-9pm. It is a fund-raiser to support his travel to San Francisco. Please make a donation.
  • PAJOLA list: (un)Occupy Albuquerque will be listed on PAJOLA. Amalia will be at the semiannual potluck this Tuesday 5:30 to 7pm.
  • Radical Resistance tour has put together a video that also includes UOA. We can ask folks viewing this video to (1) educate themselves about decolonization by using resources from BMIS, MACE, and Leonard Peltier Offense Defense Committee (including the Leonard Peltier event) and (2) support Los Alamos 2013 action
  • Idle No More: MASE is going to be at the Legislative session. People should get in touch with them soon. Meet at P&J on Tuesday at 10:45 am.
  • United South Broadway: Diane from USB wants to meet with UOA sometime this week to work on a bill on anti-foreclosure (home owners bill of rights). Sharon volunteered for this month along with Barbara Grothus, who will set the time.
  • Healthcare is a Human Right Bill: Jerry Ortiz y Pinto is working on a bill in support of healthcare as a human right that has been defeated for two years. Sharon will bring back more information. She will also work on contesting the privatization of Medicaid. There may be action in this regard.
    Dates are yet to be finalized for the Medicine for the People By the People event. More to come.
  • BMIS: uOA supports BMIS initiative.
  • Documents put together at uOA (
  • Adherence to camp agreements

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