Stand for Justice! – Trial for Paul Chacho: Assaulted students for speaking out

This afternoon, one of the lead attackers of students at the Nonie
Darwish speech/mic-check last February, Paul Chacho, a former UNM
employee, will face the first of two charges of battery at Metro Court.
Come dressed in a color, or colors, of the Palestinian flag, (green,
red, white, or black) and show your support for justice for the victims
of hateful violence!

We’ll meet at the giant scales sculpture in front of Metro Court (4th & Lomas) at
1:30pm to stall, socialize, and briefly run through the backstory &
what’s happened so far, before going inside to the courtroom,
since security (see below) could take a while.
(If you miss us outside, the trial is at 2pm on the 4th floor.)

The NM Israel Alliance has been buying ads pleading the plight of Paul,
so there’s sure to be a crew of curmudgeons there to show that
violence is fine by them, and we must not let them go unanswered.

If you’re unfamiliar with what happened on February 23rd, this is a
good rundown
, and our press release includes details on what has happened since.


Essentially, bring yourself, in clothes, and some ID.

They don’t let people bring in cameras, recorders and such,
so if you have a phone or other gadget built in the past few
decades, it’ll probably be easier to leave it somewhere else; though
they have tiny lockers available for a 25¢ refundable deposit.
If you’re curious, here’s the court’s policy.


Some on-street parking northeast of metro court, also a
parking structure and some $2 all day parking lots.

Lots of buses (8/10/36/93/94/790) will drop you next door at the
federal courthouse (4th & Lomas stop) but the sly Lomas bus won’t
actually take you down Lomas to the same stop, so you’ll have to walk
from 2nd. Consider yourself warned.

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