June 21st Minutes

(un)Occupy Albuquerque General Assembly June 21, 2012

Cisco visiting from Occupy San Diego

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations start July 2 in San Diego

Teachers in Chicago poised to go on strike and asked for statements of support from local teachers’ unions

Amalia is looking for information about Pueblo treaty or treaties about Los Alamos about use of land for the National Laboratory

July 1 Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment/Bluewater Valley Downstream Alliance teach-in: details soon!

Came to consensus on an August 21 counter-recruitment action on UNM campus

Paul Chacho goes to trial July 2 at 1:30pm with Judge Yvette K. Gonzales for attacking (un)Occupy protesters back in February

Medicine by the People for the People: Looking for personal trainers

July 15-20: Decolonize North American gathering near Toronto. Asking for letters of solidarity from tribes here.


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