GA Minutes – Sunday, May 27, 2012

(un)OccupyABQ General Assembly – Sunday, May 27, 2012
Facilitator: Andy / Notes: Sharon
Participants: 17

Leonard Peltier Committee Meeting 5/30/12 6pm, Peace and Justice Ctr.

ALEC will be meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah on 7/25/12 to 7/28/12

The Democratic National Committee will be meeting in in Charlotte, NC 9/3/12 – 9/6/12

Working Group Reports:
August 6th: This group is working with Nuke Free Now on an action to take place 8/3/12 -8/6/12. This working group will work specifically on a civil disobedience action to take place on 8/6/12. Its first meeting is today after the GA. Contact Hershe 340-3362.

Occupy Caravan – the caravan is on its way to Philadelphia for the National GA and will be coming to Albuquerque Thursday, June 14 (see Hershe, Ethan (, and Carmen (Occupy Santa Fe) have been in communication with the national organizers. At a prior GA Thomas agreed to act as the magnet for the (un)Occupy Caravan working group and communicate with Ethan and the caravan members to help set up lodging if necessary and organize a celebratory event that night.

Medicine for People by People: We will hold an alternative Health Fair event for the 99% at Endorphin Power Company in Albuquerque on July 14, 2012. We need volunteers to help organize the event and to volunteer at the event, and suggestions of practitioners and others for the event. Contact Monica or see the announcements under working groups.

Discussion Items:
NATO Action report: The Friday, May 25 NATO protests solidarity action at the gates of Kirtland Air Force Base (Wyoming/Zuni, Albq.) was a success. An estimated 5000 cars going to or coming from the base at that entrance saw our protest. (un)Occupy activists who protested NATO in Chicago, members of Veterans for Peace and other attended and spoke at the event.

GA Meeting Time Change Proposal – Some members proposed that the Sunday GA be changed to a different time because it’s a difficult time for some members to attend. The discussion was tabled. Additional discussions will take place during a Thursday GA and possibly online.

CONSENSUS National General Assembly – To take place in Philadelphia, PA 6/30/12 – 7/4/12. (un)Occupy will raise funds to send 2 indigenous people/women of color from (un)Occupy to the National GA in Philadelphia. Santhosh volunteered to act as magnet for this endeavor.

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