MAY 9th, 2012 Action at Bank of America 4-6PM

In NYC on May 9th there will be a meeting of the shareholders of Bank of America. We want to add our voices to those who are calling out for justice and calling out the greed and corruption that is BANK of AMERICA.

Join us on the street at Washington and Central May 9th from 4-6PM.
Bring signs and banners. Bring your voice to call out Corporate greed! All are welcome!
Print the flyer for the event and share widely!

Also today at the protest, (un)Occupy ABQ’s Foreclosure Working group will be announcing another action we’ve planned this month against a group who works for the banks to foreclose on families. Be there TODAY to get the info and fight back against home foreclosures!


Bank of America is the 3rd largest company in the WORLD.
…and yet, they paid NO FEDERAL TAXES in 2009, 2010 and 2011! Instead they received a $1 BILLION DOLLAR TAX REFUND!
Bank of America is also one of the LARGEST RECIPIENTS OF BAILOUT FUNDS IN 2008.

BofA is facing over a dozen major lawsuits for selling fraudulent securities to institutional investors. They have settled for $8.5 billion in damages with investors, but still face a further $10 billion in similar claims from AIG, and $700 million more from Allstate, as well as a fraud suit for just over $1 billion by U.S. Bank.

They settled for $624 million in a case that claimed they knowingly sold in fraudulent securities to New York PUBLIC PENSION funds. Also settled for $315 million in a case involving the Mississippi state PENSION fund. Similar cases from other states are unfortunately in the pipeline.

A federal case alleges that BofA sold over $3 billion of worthless securities to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Their CEO, Brian T. Moynihan, makes 441 times more than the average bank teller in their branches.

BofA faces over a dozen class-action suits alleging improper foreclosure on THOUSANDS OF HOMEOWNERS, some even alleging perjured, “robo-signed” evidence. Also been accused of deliberately slowing down mortgage modification claims to avoid having to comply with programs to aid distressed families, requirements imposed on BofA as one of the largest recipients of 2008 bailout funds.

Dozens of localities are alleging that Bank of America systematically EVADED HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN LOCAL TAXES by using MERS, an electronic mortgage registration system that allows the avoidance of county-level mortgage-registration fees.

Earlier this year they paid $335 million to settle claims that Countrywide had systematically sold minorities riskier adjustable “sub-prime” loans when they were, in fact, well-qualified for safer, fixed-rate mortgages.

After purchasing the ailing Merrill Lynch with taxpayer funds, bonuses they paid Merrill executives to ease the merger approval process came into question and became the subject of a lawsuit. While they agreed to settle with the S.E.C. for $33 million, a judge later QUADRUPLED THE FINE to $125 million to resolve the claim of fraud.


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