GA Minutes – Sunday, May 20, 2012

(un)Occupy ABQ General Assembly

May 20, 2012 notes

I. Report back on Consult with United Nations Rapporteur Anaya

Peter gave a report back from attending a consultation with the United Nations Special Rapporteur James Anaya in Tucson, Arizona. Anaya has traveled the United States to hear about violations of the US government on indigenous issues such as self determination, land and water rights, resources, etc. Peter spoke on behalf of Leonard Peltier, and his support committee made sure that every city Anaya visited he heard about Leonard’s case. Their hope is that Anaya will make an official prison visit to Peltier and make recommendations to release him.

II. Report Back from NATO protests in Chicago

Sayrah spoke with Andy and Henry about their participation in the NATO protests in Chicago this weekend. Andy spoke to Sayrah this morning as they gather with about 30,000 others near Lake Michigan for the largest march of the weekend to the NATO meeting. Earlier today, veterans of Iraq and Afghan wars returned their medals to NATO but Andy was not able to attend. Andy said yesterday he participated in an anti-capitalist march. One man was run over by a police van and was seriously injured; footage is online by local TV news station. Andy wanted us to know that the protestors did not attack the police van/slash the tires until after the protestor was hit and they were trying to stop the police van, which accelerated after hitting him. Multiple marches happen each day and Andy signed up to get texts alerting him.

Henry was punched by police, arrested, then released without charges. His story has made national news, including in the Nation magazine. Henry hopes we can have a solidarity protest in ABQ against police repression in Chicago. We agreed that we want to do that but that Monday is too soon and conflicts with the May 1st debrief so that would reduce our numbers significantly.

III. Solidarty Demo with those in Chicago Protest Against NATO

We discussed Henry’s proposal to have a solidarity protest with those in Chicago here tomorrow (Monday). After discussing it, we concluded we could not get a good turnout on such short notice esp. since it conflicts with an important meeting to debrief the May 1st event. We agreed we want to have a solidarity demonstration though.

We know on Friday May 25th, there is a protest outside the Kirtland Airforce Base gates when the workers leave around 5pm. Friday is also the start of Memorial Day weekend. So we thought we would contact Chuck, the organizer, to find time and location and join that. Sayrah agreed to contact Stop the War Machine, ANSWER, and Vets for Peace to join it. Also we will ask Andy, Jessica, and Henry from (un)Occupy ABQ to share their experiences in Chicago at the protest Friday.

IV. Foreclosure Work

We have an action planned on Thurs May 24th from 11am-1pm outside the law firm that banks hire to foreclose against New Mexicans. Address is 4501 Indian School Rd NE. Maria Elena, a single mother who is being foreclosed on after losing her job, will be there with us so we want to get a good sized group of protestors. Santhosh and Sayrah will work on the press release.

Tina has designed 3 flyers: One for May 24th and two (1 in English and 1 in Spanish) about contacting us if you are going through foreclosure.
You can get the flyers right here.
We need help distributing them and getting the word out about the protest on May 24th.

Bill has called a Foreclosure Working Group meeting on Wednesday May 23rd to plan for the day. Time and location TBA.

V. List Serve is Working!

(un)Occupy ABQ finally has a working list serve! It is through the collective RiseUp. net which is anti-corporate, fellow activists who were recently attacked by the FBI.
To join the list, go to and hit “Subscribe.”
Currently, it is to be a low-traffic announcement list, though that of course can be revised as needed.


  • Mon May 21st, 5:30pm, Debrief May 1st Actions at El Mesquite Market (near deli area) on San Pedro SE & Central
  • Wed May 23rd, Foreclosure Working Group 6pm (location TBA)
  • Thurs May 24th, 11am-1pm Foreclosure Action at 4501 Indian School Rd NE
  • Thurs May 24th, 6:30pm General Assembly at Yale park
  • Fri May 25th, Anti-NATO protest at gates of Kirtland Airforce Base, time and location TBA

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