GA Minutes – Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sunday, 7pm — Defendemos Libros, a poetry reading benefit for the Librotraficante caravan.
Outpost Performance Space, 210 Yale Blvd SE, Albuquerque. Poets TBA.
The caravan will be passing through Albuquerque to Arizona on March 5th, carrying books banned from Arizona public schools, we should be there to support them.

Saturday, 2pm-4pm — GetEQUAL NM will be protesting Rep. David C Chavez and his hateful legislation. (super-DOMA and anti-immigrants bills)
If you want to take the Railrunner to Los Lunas, be at the Downtown ABQ station by 1:45.

Sayrah headed to the OWS People of Color WG — Will be bringing FAQ booklet to show them, anything else?
Contact her if you wish to contribute to the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

#F29 ALEC/PNM Action

During off-peak morning hours, not that many people, but around 11:30 more appeared,including supporters from SF. Banners, TV crews, lots of chalking. [PNM probably spent extra money scrubbing all that speech off the sidewalks.] Message was clear in that it was part of nationwide action against ALEC. Successful action given the number of people. At peak: ~45 people, echo sounded like 300. Got a mention in Occupy Portland’s coverage of actions around the country.

UNM Students, Staff, & Faculty WG

Next action: Thursday March

Withdrawing plans for march on Monday, especially want more direct faculty involvement, not just petition names. Switching instead to join with UNM community for campus march on Thursday, International Women’s Day. Will support issuees of women workers and include focus about recent violence on campus. This action & focus was proposed by members of the UNM community; we don’t aim to co-opt existing organization’s plans for the day. Will be contacting the Women’s Rosoerce Center on how we can best collaborate.

Letter about Free Speech/Violence on Campus

Goal: Over 1000 signatures by the 8th.
Possibility of more aggressively seeking signatures at UNM (Clipboards, etc.) Some people have already said they will be happy to volunteer. The law school would be a valuable place to hit. Letter should be brought to Thurs. action for more signatures. Electronic petition? (maybe not as valuable)

Concern: Petition is good to show how many people hate the administration. But administration has shown flagrant disregard for students, so we need teeth (DA) to make it effective.

Next WG meeting: Monday at 5pm, will choose location for meeting in the (UNM Student Union) SUB NW corner, then move.

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  1. Michelle Meaders March 6, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    According to the Librotraficante website, here’s the schedule for Albuquerque:

    Thursday, March 15

    5 PM: Alburquerque, New Mexico: Home of Rudolfo Anaya to receive la bendición and the charge to “Occupy Arizona!

    Albuquerque, NM: National Hispanic Cultural Center
    1701 4th Street SW Albuquerque, NM 87102

    7 PM: Press Conference:

    7:15 PM Librotraficante Banned Book Bash! Featuring: Jimmy Santiago Baca, Dagoberto Gilb, Luis Alberto Urrea, Levi Romero, Margaret Randall, Andrea J. Serrano, Mary Oishi, Tanaya Winder, Hakim Bellamy, Richard Vargas, Tony Diaz-El Librotraficante, Zelene Suchilt, Habeer Sandhu, Gabriel Carmona, Gary L. Brower, E. A. “Tony” Mares, PhD, Cathy Arellano, Bill Nevins, Lupe Mendez.