GA Notes – Thursday Feb. 16, 2012

Due only having being eight people present, we held off on proposals until the Sunday GA.

Mock Wall

There will be a Mock Wall action at UNM on March 19th-23rd led by Students for Justice in Palestine. If we want to commit to decorating one or two 4’x8′ single-sided panels for it, we should come to a decision about that by Sunday. (We’ve already consensed that we will participate in some capacity.) Possible topics for our panels include the corporate involvement in building the unjust walls in Palestine and along the Mexico/US border.

Consensus to discuss this on Sunday.
We should have more people present for the decision.

February 24th-26th

Numerous groups have either committed to or are interested in holding teach-ins.
Groups include: SJP, LGBTQ Resource Center, Queer Student Alliance, Fair Trade Alliance, One Million Bones, Casa Esperanza, and others.

Jay from Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless attended the GA.
ABQHCH can have staff on-site to provide services and referrals on Friday, and possibly later as well. They can also conduct teach-ins such as ‘Homelessness 101,’ as well as de-escalation training.

We can help them by working to get other groups involved.
“Homelessness is a social justice issue.”

Better Communication: List-serves

Jeff discussed how forums & facebook discussions are can feel disconnected & tedious to check. He suggested a list-serve as a more active way to keep people informed. John was concerned about how they can be noisy, or dominated by a few vocal individuals. “That highlights our need for communication ground rules,” said Jeff. Keeping the mailing list to logistical concerns of the entire group, not personal or philosophical issues should limit that.

We would need to be selective about how we would host it. Definitely some providers to avoid: ex. Yahoo, which has a prominent history of censoring OWS related material, and helping to imprison journalists.


Santhosh and Jeff have been heavily revising the FAQ sheet.
It will be brought to the Sunday GA for discussion/approval.

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