GA Notes – Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012

Frontier Restaurant

6 people present/ Lenore-minute taker


  • J17
  • Anti-Racism Day J25
  • MLK March J15
  • Legislation J 2

Ethan from Espanola is the administering the website. He will be at J17th and will post a blog.

Working Group Reports:

Anti-Capitalist Group: Meeting on Mondays at 5PM and action planning on Saturdays at 4PM at Peace and Justice Center

Website Group: Working on an introduction to put on the website of what we’re about and eventually a description of the consensus process. Trying to have completed by J17th.

Sunday the 15th is the MLK Parade. Starts at University and MLK and ends at Civic Plaza. There will be percussionists We are looking for folks to represent (un)Occupy and t carry banners, etc. We will hold our GA early at 11:30 at Unversity and Central in order to accommodate the march.

J17th: The schedule is pretty much set except for teach-ins in the afternoon. Schedule can be found on the Facebook event page. There are many organizations involved so it is not strictly an Occupy event. We may not have time or space for stage or PA. We’re doing a GA and other Occupy things. Working Groups make signs to announce your working group. We’re encouraged to make tall 2-sided signs for a large visual presence. OSF is forming a working group that will be involved with legislation for the entire session.

J24th: Medicaid Advocacy Day. Martinez wants to enact another tax that will reduce acccess. Ole is organizing the actions foe that day, including workshops and speaking with legislators.

J25: Anti-Racism Day- NM Health Equity Working Group. Consensus on endorsing this event.


(un)Occupy URLs. Should we try to purchase relevant URLs? This can be tabled til later meetings.

Two week encampments? Two weeks on, one week off. Going into different communities who need help with projects and ask if they would host us fr those 2 weeks. Further discussion in the future of this topic. Suggestion is for the first 2 weeks be at Yale Park. Preferably before Spring Break.


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