GA minutes Jan. 6, 2012

General Assembly – Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fifteen present at the start of the GA.
Camp Agreements
New People: Melissa, Michael, Pancho


Melissa – There is a meeting in January about stoppping cuts to Medicad. Melissa will send details to the group.

LeMoyn – Inspired by Occupy and Cornell West, Move to Amend has announced Occupy the Courts. It will be held on Jan 20 at12pm-3pm. Maybe Robinson Park. There will be a planning meeting on Saturday, January 7 at 10am at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice.

Maria – South Broadway community member Maria Lena has stepped forward. Today she met with legal council and members of the Foreclosure Working Group went with her. Maria has a good case against the Bank of America; it will be a protracted process. She’s under Vaca, apparently a good judge. Because of the length of the process, she should be in her house for at least six more months. On January 19-21, Bank of America is holding counseling for folks in foreclosure proceedings at the Sheraton on Menaul and Louisiana. Someone with the working group will go with her. We may wish to stand outside at that event, holding signs and giving out information.


January 17:
Sebastian gives us an update on planning process around this event and then went off to a conference call on the subject.. He will post notes tonight or tomorrow. They’re trying to get count of attendees. They’re guessing anywhere from 200 to a few thousand and planning for over 500 people at the moment. Those to wish to enter the chamber and participate in a possible action should be there by 10am or 10:30am at the latest. The New Mexico legislative session will start with state of state address by the governor. The Tea Party has reserved the west side while we have the east side. The various OWS groups involved talked about looking for alliance with Tea Party but the general sentiment is that this would distract attention from organizing the event. There’s also the question of formal affiliation with other groups. We have been approved for amplification for the entire day. The organizing team is worried about having too much going on at the same time because of how that could break up the group. This also depends on turnout. The GA format is still under negotiation, but the most popular proposal at the moment focuses on each of the four or five groups involved sharing their history. This will take place sometime in the afternoon.
Melissa suggested a laser-beam focus on legislators. Start the meeting with a declaration that combines local and national demands.
Maria asked if there’s a call for speakers on economic issues at the GA. Answer: maybe. Let Sebastian know if you want to speak about a specific topic. Working groups at 3-4pm or 4-5pm? It will be cold by 5pm.
Amalia: People are just trying to get folks to show up. There’s another meeting with unions on the 9th. There’s a walk from here to Santa Fe. 99% for the event.

Foreclosure Proposed Action Jan 19-21:
We should be aware and respectful of the stress for people in danger of losing houses and just do pamphlets up close. The Foreclosure Working Group wants to wait until we have the capacity to take a foreclosed building or defend a house. They ask everyone to keep an eye out for empty foreclosed property. The Susan Littil law firm represents Bank of America in cases such as against Maria Lena.

Proposal to Do Action Instead of GA on January 19:
Amalia suggests 4 to 7pm. *Consensus reached.* We also talking about going there on 8-11am on Fri and 11am-2pm on Sat?

The Walk:
There are various people committed for the three days. The walk will start at Yale Park at 8am on Saturday, January 14. From Yale Park, they will walk to train station with supporters and take Railrunner up to Bernalillo. From there they will walk 45 miles up I-25 at a rate of15 miles per day. They will march into Santa Fe on Monday or have people meet the group of walkers.

MLK March:
1pm at Uni and MLK Blvd. Sunday, Jan 15. We need someone to hold banner for (un)Occupy Albuquerque in the parade. We want to make sure the GA doesn’t interfere with this march.

Proposal to Move GA on Sun, Jan 15:
Before or after? Hold at Civic Plaza? 11-11:30am? Decided *11:30am at University and Central.*

LA Trip/Connection with Occupy LA:
Summer recounted receiving a copy of Anti-Racist Action’s publication “Turing the Tide” that featured (un)Occupy Albuquerque on their first morning in the city. Ey also mentioned meeting various folks involved with Decolonize LA. Lance spoke about organizing dynamics and strategies in the city.

Next Meeting:
Where are we meeting this Sunday? Depends on weather. Either Yale Park or in the UNM Student Union Building.

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