Fight The Bank
Instead of a Thursday GA, (un)Occupy Albuquerque met to provide info to passersby & homeowners at risk of foreclosure outside a Bank of America ‘Mortgage Outreach’ event at the Sheraton. Homeowners had to pre-register online for the event, then wait in a separate room upon arrival.
The stated wait time was _three hours_.

Foreclosures are destructive to communities and families, and many of the loans homeowners are seeking relief from are deceitful and invalid. Banks do not even hold the deeds to many of the properties they collect payments on. Just last month, BofA settled a mortgage discrimination suit with the Department of Justice. Countrywide, now owned by BofA, systematically charged higher fees to people of color and placed them in costly sub-prime loans.

Time and time again, the financial sector has acted in bad faith against the interests of the 99%, and charged higher interest instead. As they continue to foreclose on families, homelessness grows. rate 18.5 million homes lie vacant

**Did you know?** For each [loan modification]( form a homeowner completes, BofA recieves $500 from the federal government. If they ‘lose’ the forms, and a homeowner fills out the forms again, BofA gets _another_ $500. And even then, BofA still doesn’t have to do a loan modification.

[[Mention foreclosure WG?]]
Stop the Foreclosures

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