GA Notes – Friday, Dec. 2, 2011

We met in the NW corner of the ground floor of the SUB.

We discussed the inclement weather and where to meet during the winter break while UNM is on vacation.

Wall of Indignation affinity group is working on having a grafitti wall available on Wed. They will assemble it on Sunday during the GA . Try to bring all supplies for Sunday to Yale Park.

Foreclosure Working Group: Received a call from Taos from their working group. Hoping to make connections and support their efforts in Taos. We are asking (un)Occupy folks to think about ideas for places that have been evicted, both public and private. Taking Back the Land group could be a resource to us.

Liaisons to other groups: Paul will reach out to student organizations. Ideas of possible statewide GA’s occuring every 2 months. Idea of encampment in Los Alamos.


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