1st Annual NM Traditional Chile Summit to be held on January 7th in Española, NM,

1st Annual NM
Traditional Chile Summit to be held on January 7th in Alcalde, NM,
beginning at 9am (https://eltiemponm.org). The summit is being organized and held as part of the people’s movement. That means, that is of, by, and for the people. Coming together over a very important part of our culture will allow us to inform, educate, empower, and protect our communities and traditional seeds/foods from corporation; in this case, Monsanto. Last year our legislature gave NMSU the ability and funding to research and develop GE (genetically engineered/gmo) chile. You can read more about the legislation on our blog at:

GE chile is a threat to our farmers, in that Monsanto may be allowed to
obtain the patent of the DNA of the GE chile. Then, if that chile is
raised by a neighboring farmer and his seed/pollen infects your traditional
chile crop, you can be sued for having Monsanto’s product without having
purchased it. Here is a case where that happened:
Our legislators had a chance last year to protect small farmers. They chose not to.

This year, it is our hope to have a memorial passed that would protect our
right to grow our traditional foods without being infringed upon by GE
chile. Below is the agenda for the summit and current list of sponsors.
We also need help spreading the word! Please join our Facebook page and RSVP to our event
and invite your friends on :

We have a full page flyer that we are sending out via email.

Clarissa Duran, Director
¡El Tiempo! Nuevo México
Traditional Chile Summit

*Draft Agenda**

**9:00-9:45 Registration* (pre-registration is appreciated!)*
9:45-10:00 Welcome!
10:00-10:45 Keynote Speaker, Miguel Santistevan, Director AIRE
11:00-11:45 Speaker, TBA
12:00-12:45 Panel on Traditional Chile, including:
Estevan Arellano, Ralph Vigil II, Beata Tsosie-Peña,
and more TBA
1pm Chile Cook-Off* & Lunch
1:15 Watch “GEnetic Chile, The Movie” w/your lunch,
then visit with Documentary film maker,
Chris Dudley

*to enter the cook-off, go to: http://eepurl.com/hP4E6**
Summit Sponsors**

**AIRE (Agriculture Implementation Research &

buildingjohnhenry.com – Chris Dudley, Documentary Film Maker (GEenetic
Chile, The Movie )

Cuatro Puertas

Save New Mexico Seeds *

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