(un)Occupy represents at Marigold Parade!

We had an incredible turnout! Thank you Mala Mana for the live music and Lorenzo for driving the truck and Yasmeen for decorating it with the marigolds and colorful papels and Bill for photocopying a 1000 dollar bills with info on it! I counted around 70 of us marching together with the float, dressed as workers and bankers!

– Awesome presence at the Marigold Parade this evening!!! Somos 99% magnifico!!! And fit in perfectly with other political statements and groups. Gracias a todos!!

– Always a great event and gets bigger each year. Glad we had a good showing!

– Was truly beautiful – thank you to all who helped make a space for (un)Occupy ABQ.




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  1. RoadRunneR November 12, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    great snap! & i’m trying to get back the banner back? pink (?!) butcher-paper w/consensed-on slogans in Spanish, mounted to 8′ x 1″ x 2″ lumber…have ambitous plans for it & painted the English version on yellow material yesterday @ 11*11*11 (hey, GR8 party, uh?)
    banner, please, or leads? clues?

    In Struggle/Thanks!\/Venceremos!