GA Notes – Nov. 2, 2011

(un)Occupy Albuquerque GA – Nov. 2, 2011

Facilitator: Carolina; Stacker: ?; Notetaker: Erica




Working Group reports

Relocation discussion

Constitutional amendment

Website(s) issue

GA process proposal



●      The Dia de los Muertos Parade is set to be a really great time. The theme is Bankers and Workers. The idea is to have more workers than bankers. If interested in joining the fun, dress up, arrive at 3pm at the intersection of Isleta and Camino Familiar, in front of the Westide Community Center (?). Bring signs and candy. There will be people available to paint faces in the calavera style (a standard of the parade itself) beforehand. Contact Kate or Sayrah for more information. For information on carpooling, contact Kate.

●      Executive Director of Channel 27 (Steve Granier?) would like to organize a march for public access television. He has also offered to create a television show dedicated to the movement. It was requested that the Action working group contact him. Contact Nevada for more information.

●      We need to compile a list of active working groups, gather contact information and meeting times, and organize. A list has already begun. Contact Christian for more information. A suggestion is that it should be avoided to have any working group become secret.

●       The meeting with President Schmidly today went about as well as could be expected. Schmidly was cordial and expressed concern for the safety and well being of participants of the movement. He expressed support for the movement and for the expression of our First Amendment Rights. He believes in freedom of speech. He does not take it personally that Sebastian plans to call for his resignation. Concern regarding police presence on campus was addressed, with response mostly falling in the pleading ignorance camp.

●      Our permit is up on Sunday. Later in the meeting, it was decided to apply for the next permit.

●      Sebastian would like to get a team together for more effective canvassing techniques. He will potentially be meeting with people Saturday afternoon to start working on organizing.

●      Thursday, 5:30 in Yale Park, Carolina will be hosting an exercise in privilege.


Working Group reports

●      No GMO Chile working group would like to pass out fliers during Saturday and Sunday’s actions to advertise for the December 3rd New Mexico-wide event. Initial drafts of these fliers were handed out for approval. They will be meeting again Friday at 5 to continue working.

●      Foreclosure working group is continuing work on fliers. Past events have been successful, although there will be no event this Friday afternoon. The working group has begun to look into foreclosure auctions to step up actions to further disrupt foreclosures.

●      Planning for 11.11.11 will begin. Contact Will for more information.

●      The Digital Media working group is working hard on getting the website up and running. Fliers will be posted for easier access for printing. Please leave comments at or email to add to the website.

●      The relocation working group is still looking into legitimate spaces for 24 hour occupation of a space. Winrock and Sovereign Land have been all but ruled out. Robinson Park may be an option. It sounds like effort towards zoning and permitting needs to still occur.

●      Monday at 6:30, an individual will be meeting with the Central Labor Council to discuss coordination. Contact Andrew for more information. On a related note, Bill mentioned that Union Solidarity is going to be key, and also that CWA and ASME (?) are two unions in serious need of support at this time. They are working for collective bargaining rights, there will be a Town Hall meeting starting at 10:30 on Saturday, followed by a press conference.


Agenda Items

●      A proposal to change Tuesday’s Action Planning meetings back into General Assemblies a was discussed and generally disagreed upon by the assembly. Thomas has tabled his proposal for the moment.

●      An initial draft of General Assembly guidelines has been presented to the General Assembly. Concerns regarding the process listed by the proposal were raised. Concerns regarding the wordiness of the proposal were raised. Concerns about the constrictions set forth by the proposal were concerned. It was agreed that this proposal was in its initial draft, that it should be posted online, and that people should take time to go over the proposal.

●      Discussion regarding relocation was raised. A suggestion for a proposal of criteria was raised so that tomorrow’s discussion can be more fluid. The question about whether we should stay at UNM or leave was raised but mostly undiscussed. It was suggested that someone contact the McCune Foundation to check for available space. It was suggested that people come up with solid proposals for relocation to the General Assembly. The discussion regarding the importance or unimportance of a 24-hour occupation was initiated. It was agreed by the General Assembly that conversation regarding this topic would continue tomorrow.

●      An inspirational reminder by Amalia (I believe?) is the amazed memory that we only just got kicked off UNM property a week ago, and that we started our movement just over one month ago. She expressed her loving excitement to reflect on how far we have come as a group of people. “We’ve done some pretty good work to get where we are.”

●      The Solidarity action today was a great success with positive and inspiring feedback. Participants feel it would be worth it to go into public transportation for canvassing efforts on a regular (bi-weekly was suggested) basis.


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