GA Minutes – Nov. 10, 2011

GA Notes – Nov. 10, 2011
Facilitator: Erica Estes, Stacker: Jason, Note taker: Santhosh
Camp agreements

Allen: Crosby and Nash presented their songs on Wall Street on Democracy Now.

Christian: There is a good line up for the 11.11.11 event. Check it out on the websites. The march starts at 11 am at Yale Park and ends at Robinson Park where many cultural events will be staged.

Howard: Musician Bo Brown has offered to perform for free for the movement. He has also offered to give whatever is collected to the movement. In addition, the kitchen will again open at Robinson Park. Supplies are badly needed. Please donate.

Jen: Please bring a dish to share tomorrow so we can make this a potlock.

Barbara: A Meet-and-Greet event has been planned for Nov. 30 from 7 to 9.30 pm at the Continuing Education center. The venue is expected to cost around $400.

Ilse: Jessica from the Health Sciences (???) has issued a letter of support to the (un)Occupy Albuquerque movement. There is the possibility of this getting some press.

Working group reports:
Chile Working Group
Cynthia: We will meet at the Downtown ABQ Railrunner station at noon on Dec. 3 and take out a march to Robinson Park. Bring a chili dish that day.

Facilitation Working Group
Erica: The working group has been busy this week, but will get back to it soon.

Foreclosure Working Group
Kate: The working group will meet on Wednesdays at 6.30 pm at El Mesquite on Central and San Pedro. There are also two actions planned for Nov. 22. Bank of America is an open meeting, which can be crashed by (un)Occupy protestors. The other is to have an “Auction of the American Dream” as a street theater when foreclosed houses come up for auction at the courthouse.

Website Working Group
Hershe: will have forums under each working group starting tonight so people can have discussions there.

We the People Working Group
LeMoyne: We are having differences on whether to concentrate on principles or legal language. This will be addressed.

Actions Working Group
Jose: Still talking with Albino about the food drive with La Placita. Albino said he would support the movement if it comes up with an offering.

Kate: Some of us have set up an (un)Occupy/99% Community Conversation forum at North Valley Senior Center next Wednesday 9 -10:30 a.m.

Adrain (comment): People who can speak Spanish should start teach-ins at Pro’s Ranch

Roadrunner: The banner making group had a good banner for the Day of the Dead parade. Thanks to everybody.

Agenda Item 1 – GA agenda

Anita: Proposal to have a round-up of the previous day’s consensus after announcements and working group reports so there is continuity and people know what is happening. CONSENSUS

Agenda Item 2 – Nov. 30 Meet-and-Greet action

Anita: The $400 fee for using Continuing Education center is expensive can we get around it?

Barbara (clarification): This venue is just a suggestion. There are also ways of reducing the fee such as by using the human mike.

John, etc.: Some alternative venues that were suggested include Harwood Center, Heights Community Center, Union halls, Smith Brasher Hall and Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center.

Barbara will be the magnet for the Meet and Greet event – time and place TBD. The planning group will meet at 6 pm next Tuesday.

Other Actions
Erica: There is a national call for action for Nov. 17. Lets work on it.

Hershe: And Buy Nothing Day the day after Thanksgiving.
Jason: There is also a call to boycott Walmart on Black Friday.

Santhosh: We need to build awareness around Thanksgiving and its bloody consequence for native people.

End of GA

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  1. LeMoyne November 11, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    GA Agenda — Report from 11/9 included previous decision that full GA meetings will be on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday with Tuesday and Wednesday for Working Groups [minutes from 11/9 not up yet]. Sebastian Pa has noted on FB that Tue/Wed evenings are also intended for discussion of issues that are important and yet bog down the GA.

    We the People Working Group — Initial Magnet LeMoyne Castle — — Our current meeting time is Thursday 2:30 at Winning (on Harvard just south of Yale Park) next meeting 11/17. I promise to seek coverage of Wed eve within the current working group. I wil be at Yale Park Tuesdays 6PM or in SE corner of SUB (near Satellite in SUB) in case of inclement weather.

    We the People Working Group — Please provide Forum. FB group — We The People Move To Amend Working Group of (Un)Occupy Albuquerque @

    On being told not to ask for ‘temperature check’ around the question of either a statement of principles or a specific amendment I promised both from the working group.

    • hershe November 11, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

      Thanks, LeMoyne – We the People Working Group Forum now up!

  2. Joseph Edwards VIII November 15, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    I’m confused… where’s the GA notes from Sunday, which was here earlier? There was a proposal to delete a site from my server, which I made as a gift to the Occupy Albuquerque movement (before the name change), and which was utterly ignored until it came time to propose deleting it without so much as trying to ask me.

    I have made no secret of my support for OWS. I’m a UNM student and seeded the library at Camp Coyote at the Central/University park during the first week (Think Marx-Engels Reader… wonder what happened to that little tome?) My first encounter was to be ignored while someone ranted that my university was the veritable pinnacle of “white male privilege”. But I persevered. For weeks stopping by every day between classes. And no, I’m not a peace studies student. My professors lecture at me for 50 minutes then I do 60 hrs/wk of math and computer science… they don’t give me credit for chanting (though I suspect some of them would like to). Many of you would recognize me, but few of you have spoken to me. Nobody wants to know why the quiet white guy is there. They’re just glad he’s being quiet.

    Isn’t it interesting how empty the comments section of this site is? How nobody says anything offensive or stirs up debate here? It’s quiet, like me.

    Well, I can’t be quiet when a Proposal is made at the GA to delete a site on my server, and nobody blocks the obviously idiotic notion. I doubt you have anyone with the skills to enforce such a suggestion.

    I offered the server space and ready-made WordPress installation, equipped with BuddyPress social and other goodies, freely to Occupy or (un)Occupy or whatever, a long time ago. I was greeted with nothing but positive feedback from everyone I talked to. No, I didn’t go to the GAs and ask permission to be a part of the 99% movement. I was born for this. I’ve never stopped doing this. I was running “The Scary Files” blog in 1996. I remember when ARPANet invented email… to hell with the internet I remember BBSs using 300bps modems.

    I made you a present. Wrapped it up in fancy packaging. Put your name on it, and gave it to you out of the goodness of my radical heart. Then you went and changed the name of the whole movement, to hell with what anyone else thought. But you know what? I really didn’t care. I don’t think anybody cared until they started being accused of being “Splitters” like the childish scene in “The Life of Brian.” I actually changed the name of the site (ask Michael if you don’t believe me). Because I feel it in the air. It’s not going away.

    Now I’m just ticked. The Proposal #1 to delete the Occupy group’s site from my server is a non-starter, and the sad thing is… NO DUH!! What kind of group actually writes that down as a credible proposal?

    Still nothing. Okay. Then you changed the whole frickin’ name of the movement. Now you want everybody to fall in line or shut up and your site doesn’t allow any comment or conversation or debate or any of the heat that this movement is generating. Where’s the forums? How is this site reflecting the horizontal democracy that is working at every other GA? It doesn’t. The site you want to delete has all of that. There, everything is open for debate. Nobody wants you to be quiet… they want to hear what you have to say. To me, that’s just more open for involvement. That’s movement building.

    Most of all… where the hell are Sunday’s GA Notes?

    I noticed they’re at That’s also where I found the link to this site.

  3. maria November 16, 2011 at 4:13 am #

    The notes are in the GA notes section under Nov. 13th GA notes. They were added Nov. 14th I believe.