GA Notes – October 28, 2011

(un)Occupy Albuquerque  GA notes, 10/28/11
Submitted by Avi Conant
Partial Minutes and Agenda Items

*** Tonight’s meeting demonstrated the need to clarify temporary leadership roles at the beginning of each GA. There should be a clear facilitator, stacker, and two note-takers (ideally different people of different ages and genders each night, so that we can respect our principles of fairness and diversity). It is these note-takers’ job to keep track of agenda items and proposals, only. However, if we wish to keep-well organized minutes, we need to distribute labor accordingly. That way we may keep accurate and complete information, which both enables and encourages people to participate.

We also need to consider what time we begin the GA, so that people who come to participate can, and continue to want to. ***

[6:35 GA Convenes]
* Desi B. presents second installment of “Teachable Moments by President Schmidly
* Reading of Occupy Wall Street declaration.
* Daniel Schwarts speaks
* ACLU lawyers convey UNM Administration’s “compromise” to allow us in the park from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and 11:00 AM to 3 PM Saturday and Sunday.
o Administration does not want to pay overtime for security.
o UNM Administration concerns surrounding safety, liability, and the ongoing nature of the assembly.
o Legal precedent is uncertain regarding the question of “spontaneity.”
o Lawsuit/injunction requires clarification [*** Actionable Item??? ***]
o Group reaction to compromise is unfavorable [Rejected? WG or GA Action?]
o Discussion of bonds in lieu of insurance. Other questions remain.

Announcements (not complete):
* Albuquerque Public Access Channels 27 and 26 are getting shut down. They have  10 days to petition.
* Tomorrow’s march to Civic Plaza (to “protest death of first Amendment”). Meet at 11 AM near Yale Park. Oct. 29.
* The group “Centro de Igualidad y Derecho” <http:></http:> will give a bilingual workshop on immigrant rights and police interactions. The building is located at 714 4th Street in the Barellas neighborhood.
* One individual [name?] is still in jail.
* See previous minutes for further announcements, or post as comments.

*** Note: Please bring announcements on paper, or post them online after GA meetings, so that everyone can find the correct information and participate.

This might also be a good time to regularly hold brief WG presentations.***

Agenda Items
Proposal 1: Proposal to rearrange the agenda items as follows.

Item 2: Media group presentation by Thomas, on behalf of the Media Working Group. Discussed several agreements for resolving Facebook issues, and establishing guidelines for online conduct similar to camp rules. Guidelines should be posted by the media group.

Proposal 2: Proposal to pass said WG guidelines.

Item 3: Proposal to have the official web page be found at
[No discussion. No consensus.]

Meeting Adjourned.

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