GA Notes – October 27, 2011

  • Due to UNM policy, as it is currently being enforced, no protests or public demonstrations can take place that require 24 hours or more advanced planning. Protests and demonstrations with less than 24 hours advanced planning should be permitted (see Desi B. for details).
  • For the record, it is my understanding that the following Working Groups exist, and are engaged in activities: Media, Outreach, Location, Actions (including Foreclosures, Modified Green Chile, Marches, and others.) [Please add your working groups to this list if they are missing].
  • Also, Santosh and others have accepted approximately $900 for legal fees. They have momentarily stopped taking donations, but will devote these funds to the group’s legal expenses.
  • Saturday 4th, at Woodward Hall, a number of globally prominent activists will speak on topics related to “Food Justice.”
  • The group “Centro…” Will give a workshop on Immigrant rights and Police Interactions (in Spanish and English?), at 714 4th Street in the Barellas neighborhood.
  • Foreclosure Working Group working with United South Broadway
  • Demonstration from 4-6 PM at Cesar Chavez and Broadway.
  • Announcement that a local Tea Company donated tea for Peter and Sebastian’s hunger strike. Many thanks.
  • Announcement that has resources for working together with other Occupy Wall Street affiliated groups around the country. Also, there is a (rather neglected) wiki online, where anyone can post relevant news for the group, including GA notes.

Agenda Items (7:00PM)
1st Proposal: Resolution in solidarity with various labor unions, who have offered material and symbolic support to (Un)Occupy Albuquerque. [Passed, no stand asides.]
2nd Proposal: To discuss the location for the next GA. [Passed]
(Location to be sidewalk near Yale Park in 23 hours, or approximately 6:00PM)
3rd Proposal: Combine Facebook and Websites in a single place.
[Referred to Media Group and Community Outreach working group; see further discussion below].
4th Proposal: Read the Occupy Wallstreet Declaration [Passed and read. No stand asides.]
5th Proposal: Observe a moment of silence in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, critically injured participant Scott Olson, as well as Stephanie, who passed away near Camp Coyote on October 23rd. [Passed and observed, as amended].
(Suggestion to regularly observe such a moment?)
6th Proposal: Discussion regarding the selection of an indoor office and meeting place, that will allow sustained planning and communication.
(Discussion identified several locations. Referred to Location Working group. Ben Warren is contact person, and has a current list.)
7th Proposal: Discussion regarding 1st Amendment march scheduled for Saturday, October 29th. [Proposal passed to discuss at Friday’s GA].
8th Proposal: Organizing a large, well publicized meeting (with continuing education?), where there will be no fear of arrest, and lots of community outreach and support. Also, there was discussion of holding meetings using the existing Albuquerque Public Library system, and Community Centers. [Moved to Friday’s GA].
(Barbara is contacting city council members and mayor to prepare the way for use of Civic Plaza.)
9th Proposal: Outreach with Student Groups (currently underway?)
10th Proposal: Identify Working Groups
11th Proposal: Establish and publicly post a current list of Working Groups and Participants [Thomas is working on posting such a list to the website, which will be up ASAP. Please direct inquiries to:].
12th Proposal: Mailing list / Phone tree of events
13th Proposal: Discuss Facebook issues, including problems with Administrative privileges.
[Passed, with amendments, and vigorous discussion.]
Amendment A: One participant, and close friend of current administrator, will attempt to convince the current owner to relinquish control.
Amendment B: Let media group discuss options for consolidating web presence and resolving Facebook dispute, in order to bring issue to GA with more complete information.
Amendment C: Proposal to discuss rules for online conduct similar to camp rules, at Friday’s GA.
Amendment D: Timeline for action (to be discussed on Friday)
Amendment E: Request for transparency, particularly clearer identification of Media Group and Facebook administrators, as well as minutes regarding the selection and deliberation on the selection of the “official” Facebook page.
Amendment F: Refrain from personal attacks in all such discussions.
14th Proposal: To give Facebook discussion priority.
[Blocked/Stand Aside, regarding concerns about singling out current administrator for criticism.]
15th Proposal: To save all discussion except for Facebook until Friday
16th Proposal: Begin branching out to many GAs, in other locations (subcommittee organization?)
[Briefly discussed, but no proposed action.]
[Meeting adjourned ~8:30]
[Proposals 7-16 should be further addressed at Friday’s GA].

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