GA Notes – October 26, 2011

Going over camp rules
The GA was kicked off of yale park by the police


  • last night from 11 to 3 there were nearly or maybe more than 500 ppl peacefully accembled to stand up for free speach, there were also 150 police that i could see some in riot gear. 31 ppl or more were arrested because they refused to leave yale park or camp coyote. Most ppl who were there were not arrested but stood in solidarity with the ppl who were arrested inn the sidewalk and in the street peaceful. We partied and played music and their were fireworks and it was beatiful. Did I miss anything? Pepper spay and batons where used on the part of the police, in the opinion of the speaker there was too much force. There were some random ppl who were hit with battons. 5 or six ppl still left in jail, most got released…
  • When we were in the paddywagon we could see them using excessive force and slammiing ppl on the concrete.
  • Its also important to know That the ppl who were arrested were having a party in jail.
  • 24 ppl came out in TLC and were angry if it can happen in a small town like that it can happen accross america. There will be another event on saturday at 11 at yale park.
  • The martin Luther king task force is collecting eye witness reports of police brutality in albuquerque. pls fill out a report and give it to andy.
  • Santosh will be here in about 15 minutes to collect donations for the bail money. I suggest that everyone here get a poa in case you go to jail so that someone else can put in paper work for you.
  • A good place to have meetings might be that little park by the police station.
  • Sebastian: I want to say that when i was approaching my 26th hour I started realizing that i wasn’t too hungry because I was think about the great thing we did yesterday, and it was helpful to have those good memories and to know that we will defend this democracy. And that I will get support for all of you. On is a petition to support Sebastian’s pais hunger strike and we’ve reached about 140 email’s asking him to meet with us. and to work with us and compromise with us to support our right to assemble and so if you haven’t signed go to the facebook page and sign. I’m making poster’s/propaganda aand if anybody has access to a color copier and wants to spread this message of free speech, free press, and art, please see maddie
  • My name is Barbara, and we had quite the incident last night, and it is by no means in comparison to oakland and i want to take a moment support 24 yr old usmc member Scott olson, who has a head fracture and his head is swollen and they don’t know if he’ll live.
  • Regarding Scott olson, he was injured by a tear gas canaster fired by the cops and then when ppl gathered around him to drag him out another cop tossed another flash bang which went off right next to his head. And then the police announced that it was just m80;s thrown by the police and that is bullshit (sic).
  • I have a list of 6 ppl still in jail with a 250 bail each. so far we have raised $282.00. We can’t return donations
  • Saturday nov.5 at 6605 uptown blvd. is calling for a protest and march with occupy wall streett and move your money. Its ann international movment of ppl clossing thier accounts at large banks and moving that money to local banks and credit unions. Over 2 the nmfcu credit union (this starts at 11 a.m.).

Proposal: We will file an injunction letting us excersize our 1st ammendment rights against UNM saying that we may assemble from 7 to 10 pm in any open space at UNM especially Yale Park. We do not need to have a permit to assemble.
Consensus Achieved, A few stand asides.

Proposal: We will meet everyday at 5 pm and have a 1st amendment protest at yale park and if we are pushed out then we will meet at another location. We will stay an appropriate amount of time to defend the first amendment but that ppl still look for property where we can stay 24/7 so that we can winterize and organize other things…
Consensus is achieved. One stand aside due to no language about civil disobedience.

Proposal: we will wait an hour before we march through the street.
Stand aside: i think we shouldn’t annoy ppl at night, weather is bad..
Consensus is reached.

In further notes, this did not actually occur :(

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